All 11 herbs and spices
Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: M
You: F19
Stranger: M18
You: oh cool
Stranger: Question
You: yup?
Stranger: How do you feel about sub guys?
You: i love...anything
Stranger: Really? Because I'm sub lol
You: i can always get into that
Stranger: Noice! Wanna be my dom?
You: duhhh wanna do a little rp about me coming to your house?
Stranger: Yeas!!!
Stranger: Safety word? Or no XD
You: perfect..... im gonna make you start it.... no safety words of course
Stranger: Yes miss, how should I start it?
You: you have to figure it out.... then ill reward you
Stranger: Yes miss
You: Go.
Stranger: I'm laying on the couch watching tv when the door bell rings. -I get up to get it and it's you in a coat-
You: I enter the living room with you and sit you down on the couch. I ask if we should watch a movie
Stranger: Sure -I cuddle up next to you- I'm happy now
You: Shortly after the movie starts I get up and leave your helpless body on the couch. After 20 minutes I come back wearing nothing but an apron.
Stranger: W-what are you doing miss??
You: "its none of your business" i say. I sit down on the couch next to you again and let you pathetically cuddle next to me again
Stranger: -I cuddle with you and let you pet my hair
Stranger: Please miss?
You: I interrupt. "Why is shark boy and lava girl playing?" i ask
Stranger: Becquse I like it? :D
Stranger: Miss?
You: "You stupid slut." i say as i command you to put on Alice through the looking glass
Stranger: Sorry miss - I say pouting-
You: I am now content with how you behaved. I reward you with..... oregano.
You: I tell you to take off your shity
You: shirt
Stranger: Yes miss -I pull it off-
Stranger: Can we go to Kik miss?
You: No, not until we finish our business here. Trust your queen it WILL be worth it.
Stranger: Yes miss I will
You: I ask you where you keep your rope
Stranger: I the deck second drawer from the top
Stranger: Desk*
You: I leave to get the rope. When I return the top half of my apron is off.... my tits glowing a warm red
You: I tie you onto the couch
Stranger: m-mmmmm
You: the ropes are left red from what appears to be paprika.....probably smoked...from the southern part of Hungary.
You: the pure scent makes your nipples erect
Stranger: Mmmm miss no please?
Stranger: Please!*
You: I pour a rich mixture of salt, pepper, garlic, and ginger onto your nipples.... you cannot hold in the deep burn
You: I tell you to beg me to stop
Stranger: Aahhhh please miss…I can't take it anymore
You: I lick off the mixture and spit it on your stomach. I then take off your pants leaving only your underwear.
You: I then outline your underwear with: thyme, basil, celery salt, dried mustard, and white pepper. I ask you how you feel
Stranger: Mmm I'm not sure, kinda weird
Stranger: My nipples hurt
You: I get some ice from the freezer... mix it with a large amount of pepsi.... and pour it all over your nipples to soothe your pathetic pain.
You: I ask you what you want next
Stranger: Mmmm thank yo miss.
You: What do you want now you whore *i say*
Stranger: Mmm pegging?
You: I remove you underwear exposing your boy pussy. I begin to insert something incredibly fleshy feeling with a rough exterior. You moan in pleasure and in pain
Stranger: Aaahhhh I-it hurts!! W-what is thatvttt
Stranger: -I scream and cry in pain-
You: After removing it I realize.... it is a chicken leg..... that has been marinading in your asshole
You: I ask if you want more
Stranger: N-no please...
You: Just as you say this... I walk to the kitchen
You: I return with a bucket of fried chicken ready to claim your ass. 11 herbs and spices have coated the chicken all for the low price of $5.99
You: I ask you if you are ready
Stranger: Miss please n-no....I can't take them all
Stranger: Miss can we Kik now? I've been a good slave?
You: Just then..... my deep black hair turns a bright white.... as white as snow.... a mustache and goatee appear of the same color.
You: It appears the late colonel sanders has taken over my body
You: ready to destroy you with the 11 herbs and spices used to create his tyrannical chicken chain
Stranger has disconnected.
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2436 BCE