"Fuck You?" Isn't that kind of the point?
(Sammy) moves my hands up around you neck Has been awhile since I gave you control of me in bed baby
(Angel) kisses your cheek sliding my hands up your shirt pulling it off Mm it has been awhile
(Sammy) kisses your lips as you remove my shirt ANy ideas with what you will do when your in control?
(Angel) Mm im thinking of many things, just deciding which to choose leans back slowly taking my shirt off
(Sammy) watches you as you take your shirt off
(Angel) gives you a smile you like?
(Sammy) draws my eyes slowly up to stare back into yours Yes I do
(Angel) reaches behind me unclipping my bra throwing it behind me before moving your hands up to my tits
(Sammy) squeezes your tits for a moment as I move my hands over your nipples
(Angel) moves my hands down to your pants
(Sammy) leans up slightly moving my mouth kissing your tit as your hands move down my body
(Angel) closes my eyes leaning my head back slightly
(Sammy) bites on your nipple slightly as my hands move over your ass
(Angel) Mmm fuck thats good baby
(Sammy) looks at you oh you like me biting huh?
(Sammy) turns my head to bite on your stomach hard, breaking the skin
(Angel) Careful baby, don't wanna hurt me
(Sammy) licks the blood off You taste so niceee extends my fangs and starts drinking your blood
(Angel) what the fuck?!
(Sammy) drinks the last drop as i feel your body go limp before forcing you over and making love to your cold body
(Angel) fuck you
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