Chain Saw 2
JoWoCo: okay. first i take all off all your clothes and bra and panties
SexyGirl: I rip off your shirt and cut your pants off with a saw
JWC: ohh. i'd then kiss you really hard
[What the fuck? Is that supposed to be erotic?]
SexyGirl: I shove you on the bed and handcuff you to the headboard.
JWC: i'd get out of those handcuffs and throw you on your back and eat you out
SexyGirl: I kick you in the face and your mouth bleeds
JWC: what?!
SexyGirl: "Sorry," I say, and I push you on the bed, and I lick your penis lightly, teasing you.
JWC: ohh. i'd take tell you to start sucking my dick
[take tell? oh well.]
SexyGirl: I say no, and instead mount you and ride you like an Indian Elephant
JWC: ohhhh yeah. while you're doing that i spank your ass like the bad girl you are
[What the fucking hell?]
SexyGirl: I punch you in the face for spanking me, then I ride you fast and hard.
JWC: whoa. i'd get up, flip you over and fuck you doggy style
[I saw his profile--I doubt that bitch could flip me over if he tried.]
SexyGirl: I pick up a baseball bat and kill a cockroach that scuttles across the floor
JWC: yell out your name and then go rough on you
[his shitty wording is probably because he was wanking so hard he couldn't think or type]
SexyGirl: I pull out a rope and strangle you with it, bringing you down to the bed at my will.
JWC: too much. what next?
SexyGirl: I loosen my grip and go back to licking your cock, but this time I deepthroat it.
JWC: ohhhhhh. i then put you on your back and fuck you hard and then (you go)
SexyGirl: I scream and play the CD with various farm animal noises on it.
JWC: i fuck you more and mor and more til we both cum at the same time screaming with passion!
SexyGirl: I pull out a chainsaw, chop your dick off, roundhousekick u and u bleed 2 death.
JWC: what?!
SexyGirl: I bend over and lick up your blood and eat your severed penis
JWC: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. that was great
SexyGirl: I get the baseball bat I used to kill the cockroach and beat your head with it
JWC: okay its over
SexyGirl: Aww, but I was having fun!!! This is making me so wet, I'm about to orgasm!
JWC: wait i then fuck you doggy style again so very fucking hard!
[I love this part]
SexyGirl: I wonder how you can fuck someone without a penis then I kick you.
JWC: no wait i take you down and eat you out to make you orgasm (i'm about to really cum.)
[WHAT A FUCKING LOSER LMAO, he's about to ejaculate to me chopping off his fucking dick and eating it?!?!]
SexyGirl: I hit you in the face with a hammer and all your teeth fall out.
JWC: are you about to orgasm?
SexyGirl: Yeah, right after I stab you in the balls with a pencil.
JWC: just type when you're about to cum
SexyGirl: I grate your balls with a cheese grater. (say something naughty for me.)
[He's an idiot, he doesn't know how to describe anything so I'm trying to get him to say something so I can lead it off into more creepy didn't work very well]
JWC: oh you little girl. i'm gonna straight up fuck you bad.
[Wow, that line probably works on the ladies all the time.]
SexyGirl: Okay, I already orgasmed. Thank you for that session of hawtness.
JWC: chyeah, i'd say so
SexyGirl: That's good. I try to be as sexy as possible. Do I get 2 rough tho?
JWC: oh yeah. if we do this again, you fucked up shit okay? plus was I good?
SexyGirl: I fucked up shit? What does that mean? And you could be a little more descriptive
JWC: no but hey we all have our things
SexyGirl: you don't have yours anymore. lol!!!!
JWC: haha. well later.
SexyGirl: bye dickless hottie!!
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