Shrimp Scampi
Stranger: ehy..23 m here..'bout u?
You: 17 f uk
Stranger: cool..good mornin' than :)
You: Thank you. :)
You: where are you from then?
Stranger: italy here
Stranger: ever been?
You: Actually yes. I go every summer. I'm going there Next month.
You: What city are you in the?
You: then*
Stranger: i'm in cagliari, sardinia
You: That's where I'm going!
You: That is so crazy!
You: My cousins live there
You: I am staying with them
You: What kind of fun is there?
Stranger: next month u said? well think u can go to the beach for some tan, u like sun 'n sea?
You: I love it. :) I need a better tan. My swimsuit left odd lines on my back during spring.
Stranger: mmm..not good! think u should go somewhere where u can erase that line! :)
You: You mean a nude beach don't you!
You: Gawd I could never lol
You: Have you ever been?
Stranger: oh i didn't mean that xD
You: Oh...pity
Stranger: was thinkin a place with not so much people where u could do topless with no problems
You: Same thing!
Stranger: like chia or piscinas where are plenty of dunes
You: And someone could sneak up on me when I'm by myself? No no!
You: lol
You: I'd need an escort
You: Too bad my cousins are all boys much younger than me.
You: Bratty little things really
Stranger: mm..well..i'll have to sacrifice some spare time to bring u there then :)
You: Oh I couldn't possibly force you to do that!
You: I'm sure you have much better things to do than watch a girl tan.
Stranger: well..depends on the girl you know
You: What about me?
Stranger: dunno..what u look like? :)
You: hmmm well tall for one thing.
You: I'm 5"9
You: I'm too tall.:( My friends all laugh at me
You: I'm not fat, but not too skinny either.
You: average build I suppose
You: And dark red hair
Stranger: wow..u look really cute
You: With this scattered tan I do not lol
Stranger: i love yuor hair colour..they're painted?
You: No I'm a natural red. Not orange either. It's red. Auburn .
You: What about you?
Stranger: lovely
Stranger: well actually you're taller then me, i'm 5"7, average build for me too, was goin to the pool twice a wike since last month, now i should go do some running to not lose too much shape
Stranger: twice a week, sorry
You: I'm taller than most so it's ok. :)
You: You are leaving?
Stranger: no, why's that?
You: I thought u said you are going running now
Stranger: not right now, i mean after quitting the pool i should go run from now on
You: Well what do you look like aside from being painfully short?
Stranger: lol painfully? that hurt!
dark blonde hair, blue eyes
You: So you are short and out of shape then?
You: like really really short
You: diminutive
You: petite
You: oompa loompa
You: shrimpy
Stranger: lol, think i can still fuck you standing on a chair if i can't reach you
You: You are so short your hair smells like feet.
You: When it rains you are the last to know
You: You represent the lollipop country
Stranger: u know, the L rule makes me feel fine though
You: What's the L rule?
Stranger: rotate the L 90 degrees to the left, u got it?
You: For you it would have to be 95 because it probably weighs more than you.
You: So do my shoes.
You: ANd my dog
You: and my dog's shoes
You: ANd I have a small dog
You: He tells you when its raining
Stranger:'s getting boring, see ya
You: No wait! I haven't gotten to my turtle yet!
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