Agent Kate
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!
Stranger: I am Agent Kate, you won't defeat me Dr Evil!
You: I'm Lin Wuang, the legendary sorcerer! Part Kangaroo, part Sea Turtle. Man, my ass is REALLY wet right now
Stranger: *karate kicks you ;)
You: *uses level 20 Cumshot and gives you a facial*
Stranger: I gasp and your henchmen tie me up. "Crap" I gasp
You: That's not henchman, those are my tentacles! I use barnacles to coat my sea-cock for maximum pleasure.
Stranger: I gasp as I am tied to a pole in the dungeon by my hands and feet. "You won't get away with this" I growl
You: I clench my teeth. I can't believe you left the kitchen. In a fit of rage, I pick up a sledgehammer and build you a fucking house out of cobble. "How you like me now, Agent Kate?"
Stranger: I spit on you and wiggle against the binds!
You: As you wiggle, your tits sway in the wind. Your nipples grow erect. One of my barnacles reach out and slowly grasp them. They pinch them, hurting you. You love this. While you're preoccupied with my barnacle-tentacles, I go upstairs to the garden and pick apples. I'm about to make you into a candy apple. Slowly I make my way into the kitchen and begin to roll dough for a pizza.
Stranger: I gasp and groan and wiggle my fingers and toes...........................
You: I get fed up hearing you gasping all day. I take the roller downstairs and brandish it in front of you. "If I hear one more thing from you, you'll be sorry, Agent Kate! This is MY WORLD and you're just a lowly pawn." I then notice how wet your ass is and can no longer resist... I phone up Snow White and she invites all her little animal friends over to my house for booze and biscuits. The pizza is cooking in the oven. The carmel is on the stove, melting from it's brown block of sweetness. I make my way downstairs again and pry open your blouse. Your tits spill out and I begin to bludgeon them with the dough roller. They turn black and blue and you begin to cry. Your ass grows even more wet. You crave oreos. Out of pity, I buy you new shoes. But the damage is done. Your tits are gooey and droopy, like a terrible mixture of eggplant and Starburst.
Stranger: brb ten mins
You: Obviously you're going to jack off envisioning this.
Stranger: awh have to go
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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