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Team NinjaI started bloodninja.org years ago as a way to compile the infamous chat logs of BloodNinja that were strewed all over the webs.
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Because I get asked this a lot: no I am not BloodNinja. The best I can tell is that he/she liked to mess with people over AIM back in the mid 1990s. No one has knowingly heard from him/her since.
The Green Eyed Monster
thestuddmufin13: well hello there
chexMix: hi babycakes
thestuddmufin13: how are you doin this fine night
chexMix: doin well, and yourself?
thestuddmufin13: good
thestuddmufin13: depressed as hell but good
chexMix: why deprssed? does studdmuffin need some lovin?
thestuddmufin13: im goin to need more then that but it would definately help
thestuddmufin13: what kind of loving are you thinnking of
chexMix: hmm
chexMix: first i'll put on some red platform shoes
thestuddmufin13: lol
chexMix: and a nice lingerie outfit
thestuddmufin13: ooo la la
chexMix: i start grunting
thestuddmufin13: lol
chexMix: howling
thestuddmufin13: i really like that
chexMix: I am part wolf
thestuddmufin13: that turns me on
thestuddmufin13: on many ddifferent levels
thestuddmufin13: to bad you dont have web cam
chexMix: yeah
thestuddmufin13: geez even i gots one
thestuddmufin13: cause its a Mac
chexMix: we frolic in the moonlight
chexMix: well, I am old school
thestuddmufin13: yea
chexMix: we start growing paws and tails
[You have been invited to view thestuddmufin13's webcam. Would you
like to view this webcam?
Accept (Alt+Shift+A) Decline (Alt+Shift+D)]
chexMix: I think it is working
thestuddmufin13: lol
chexMix: amp
thestuddmufin13: yea im talkin to someone else
thestuddmufin13: that was just a preveiw
chexMix: i see
chexMix: well, now what?
thestuddmufin13: not sure
thestuddmufin13: kinda died down
chexMix: oh well
chexMix: well, you start
thestuddmufin13: ok then
thestuddmufin13: i pull you onto my lap and start fiddleing with the unopenable bra hook
chexMix: I squirm around
thestuddmufin13: i take off my shirt and start kissing your neck
thestuddmufin13: slowly going farther down toward your chest
chexMix: I get embarrassed because I forgot to shave my chest yesterday..
thestuddmufin13: lol
thestuddmufin13: im still talking to who i think im talking to right?
chexMix: yes sorry, I just am so nervous
thestuddmufin13: its ok
thestuddmufin13: just making sure lol
thestuddmufin13: nothing to be nervous about
chexMix: ok continue
thestuddmufin13: ok
thestuddmufin13: i get your bra off and start kissing your chest
chexMix: blood starts flowing to my nethers
thestuddmufin13: ... cant find a way around that one
chexMix: I am getting horny
chexMix: my skin starts to turn a little pinkish color
chexMix: hello?
thestuddmufin13: im here
thestuddmufin13: i start licking your stomache
thestuddmufin13: brb
chexMix: ok hurry , I need you now
thestuddmufin13: ok im back
chexMix: good
chexMix: I start to arch my back and whisper your name
thestuddmufin13: i put my arms around your back and hands on your ass
thestuddmufin13: you go down all the way
thestuddmufin13: i start rubbing your kitty
thestuddmufin13: and licking it
chexMix: I jump up and tell you to wait.. torturing you just a little
chexMix: I start to kiss your ears
thestuddmufin13: i wonder what it could be but realize she is being a teez
thestuddmufin13: i whisper to her while rubbing her chest
chexMix: I kiss down your neck and onto your handsome lips
thestuddmufin13: i hold the back of your head
chexMix: I lightly drag my fingers up and down your back and onto your chest
thestuddmufin13: and start to unzip my pants
chexMix: my fingers trace your sexy muscles
chexMix: further and further down your chest
thestuddmufin13: i tear off my pants and pull you closer holding you to my waist
thestuddmufin13: i pick you up and carry you to a bed
thestuddmufin13: and lay you down on yoyr back
chexMix: I pull you down with me
chexMix: tightly gripping your back
thestuddmufin13: i prop up on of your legs to the right
thestuddmufin13: andkiss you as i slowlyput it in
chexMix: i am excited by your massive sausage
chexMix: i roll you over onto your back
chexMix: i wrap my arms tightly around you
chexMix: slowly moving
thestuddmufin13: i nibble at your neck and put my hands on your waist
chexMix: i rock faster and faster
thestuddmufin13: i hold you with one hand nd rub your chest with my other
thestuddmufin13: listening to you moan
chexMix: i start getting primal .. the beast within me is unleashed and at her full glory
thestuddmufin13: i want to feel more
thestuddmufin13: see more and taste more
thestuddmufin13: i cant get enough
thestuddmufin13: to saticfy whats inside
chexMix: i slow down .. and sit you up, rubbing my chest on your face
thestuddmufin13: i lick your chestwhile pulling your ass up and down
chexMix: i look deep into your eyes..
chexMix: i slowly reach my willowly arms behind my back
chexMix: i lean back into you.. my warm mouth at your ear
chexMix: i whisper..
chexMix: "I am going to cut your wiener off, I want your sausage for breakfast..." as I pull out a rusty, homemade hunting knife..
thestuddmufin13: hooly hell
chexMix: You turn alittle pale
chexMix: moreso as I become amazingly strong
chexMix: My skin turns green
thestuddmufin13: who is this really....
chexMix: I am becoming the hulk
chexMix: My clothes rip.. yes, the ones on the floor .. as I am naked...
chexMix: they rip because I am so strong
chexMix: I sit on your face and rip a big one
chexMix: you die of my posionous fumes.
chexMix: I eat your sausage for breakfast
chexMix: with eggs and toast.
thestuddmufin13: forget this
chexMix: LOL
thestuddmufin13: im jus goin to go to sleep fuk this
chexMix: ??
thestuddmufin13: night
chexMix: kiss kiss bang bang
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