You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: ey
Stranger: m
You: f
Stranger: age?
You: 18 i think
Stranger: think?
You: yeah
Stranger: i am 17
You: that's cool
Stranger: kik?
You: no, i do boxing. frankly i think kicking is for wimps
Stranger: it is an app
You: an appliance? never heard of it
Stranger: o that's cool
You: do you live in a rich city to have a 'kik?' i live in rural appalachia
Stranger: i like in the country and i dont have water you greaty f**k
You: woah tone it down. ill mail you some or something. do u have ups?
Stranger: no i have downs
You: do they do delivery?
Stranger: we give
You: do you work for downs or something? listen, i can't mail you water if you don't work with me
Stranger: i like in Africa we don't get mail here thanks for being a d**k
You: you'd be surprised at amazon's coverage. they have drones now. you can catch the drone in a net to sell
You: and don't worry about disease, the human digestive system gets rid of most diseases
Stranger: well thanks for making fun of me and my starving family i hope you burn in hell you fat f**k
You: im not fat, im big boned
You: we got off on the wrong foot here
You: we're both very poor, underprivileged children
You: that must count for soemthing, right?
Stranger: swine face pus*y ass bitch
You: wow
You: rude
Stranger: cunt
You: wait
You: if you live in africa
You: how do u know english?
Stranger: we have to take English classes
Stranger: you bitch
You: does that mean you go to school??? me too!!!
Stranger: come suck a fart out of my ass you
You: that would be gross
You: i am against doing gross things
You: as a matter of virtue
Stranger: lick my cum that drips from your mothers vagina
You: my mother has been dead for the past 18 (maybe??) years
Stranger: she probably killed her self then to be seen with your ugly ass swine face
You: i only had the swine flu once, and that was after she died
You: also, you must be a pretty rich african to have made it to 17
Stranger: she was a smart lady to kill her self then to be with you for one more second
You: well technically she was never 'with' me, she died before i was removed from her tum tum
Stranger: kill your self and meat with her
You: i only meat with hot guys
You: got a kik?
You have disconnected.
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