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This site is host to a plethora of chat logs from people just like you messing with strangers.

Team NinjaI started bloodninja.org years ago as a way to compile the infamous chat logs of BloodNinja that were strewed all over the webs.
The site got very popular very quick though, and soon it contained more chats from his/her fans than it did of the original BloodNinja. Feel free to submit your own.
If you like this site, there are three things you can do to help. Submit a chat, comment on chats (an active site is a successful one), and tell your friends about it. You can use the share buttons to the right to share chats, or use your own crafty, devilish means.
Because I get asked this a lot: no I am not BloodNinja. The best I can tell is that he/she liked to mess with people over AIM back in the mid 1990s. No one has knowingly heard from him/her since.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hey
Stranger: Asl?
You: 17 F US
Stranger: M 15
You: how big are you?
Stranger: Like dick?
You: yeah
Stranger: 7 hard
You: ooo, nice, baby. wanna have a naughty chat? ;)
Stranger: Sure hahaha
You: you have to keep me really horny, though. it might be difficult to do. are you up for the challenge? ;)
Stranger: How would I do that?
Stranger: ;)
You: talk dirty. tell me what you want to do with me. type it like it's happening. i'll start. basically roleplay. anyhow, i'll start.
You: i kiss you on your chest playfully.
Stranger: I kiss your lips thenove to your neck
You: oh yeah, i like that. ;)
You: i pull your shirt off and admire your muscular physique.
Stranger: Then I start to undress you and rub your body
You: mmm, yeah. ;)
You: i slowly unzip your pants.
Stranger: I help you with that
You: i quickly pull out my cock and rub it on your breasts.
You: i mean your cock.
You: damnit
Stranger: Try re typing that haha
You: i quickly pull out your cock and rub it on my breasts.
Stranger: I tell you to suck it and hold your hair back
You: i start sucking your massive cock, but it's too much for me to handle. i choke on the tip.
Stranger: I tell you to keep going
You: i like it rough ;) i put my cock back into your mouth and go to town.
Stranger has disconnected.
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