Your language is english, taken From english people
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
What do you think about Han Solos death in EP7?
You: havent watched it
Stranger: Nothing
You: do you like star wars? :)
Stranger: Nope
You: are u evil??
Stranger: Lol
Stranger: Nope
You: what do u like the
You: then
Stranger: Do I look evil ?
You: idk
Stranger: Idk
You: wow
You: nice move, not liking sw
Stranger: Anything realistic
You: best series man
You: it is realistic??
Stranger: Nope
Stranger: It is not
You: ofc it is
You: like
Stranger: Howwww ??
You: if
You: there was space travel and stuff it would be like that
You: so?
Stranger: If there was
You: yea
You: but that doesnt mean it isnt real
You: ugh
You: realistic
Stranger: Why didn't u watch it
Stranger: Yet
You: no hurry to watch
You: just dont like that sort of fantasy stuff
Stranger: Lol
Stranger: See
You: See what?
Stranger: That's what i really mean
You: oh
Stranger: I am not up to such a thing
You: i thought you meant like
You: something that keeps changing the rules
You: like harry potter :P
Stranger: Lol
Stranger: It is fantasy as well
Stranger: Right ?
You: no?? star wars and hp are the same thing now? LOOOOL
Stranger: They are all fantansy
Stranger: So same thing
Stranger: For me
You: sw is fantasy because it's a different wrold
You: hp is in this world, but different?
You: like harry lives in london or something
Stranger: But it shows some fantasy
You: does it?
You: idk the series too well actually
Stranger: Ohhh that's why
Stranger: It shows a lot
You: yea, i guess :)
You: i only the read the first book..
Stranger: Ohh
You: ?
Stranger: So u are a novel reader ?
You: yea :) not much time to read nowadays tho :(
You: do u like books?
Stranger: A lot
Stranger: But i can't
Stranger: Now
Stranger: Too busy for reading
Stranger: I have no time
Stranger: For it anymore
You: i just read "choices of one", i think you would like it :)
Stranger: I'd search and see
Stranger: If it is my style
You: ok
Stranger: Btw thanks
You: for what??
Stranger: Giving me a choice to read something
Stranger: U gave me the name of the book
Stranger: So thanks
You: oh ok xD what book do you like?
Stranger: The last one I read
Stranger: Was: brat farrar
You: that sounds kinda weird
Stranger: Old one
Stranger: Lol
Stranger: Why ?
You: idk what does it even mean
You: y know
Stranger: Hahaha
Stranger: It is a name
Stranger: Of the character
You: so it's a boyography?
Stranger: Nope
You: it's a story?
Stranger: It is about that guy who died and another one came after a couple of years
Stranger: To take his name
Stranger: Because he wanted the money of the family
You: wow
You: that s like
You: super boring
Stranger: Identity theft
Stranger: Lol
Stranger: Okay
Stranger: But it is not to me
You: yea gimmer cars and real theft yknow
You: racing
You: fights
You: like star wars
Stranger: Lol
Stranger: Okay
You: i love to read about cars yknow
Stranger: It seem we have different point of view
You: car novels are the best
Stranger: Btw u r a male ?
You: nope
You: why?
Stranger: Cz that's what males
Stranger: Think about
Stranger: Cars / fights
You: yea i guess
Stranger: Racing
Stranger: Lol
You: i only have boy friends so
You: maybe im a tomboy
You: but i like girl stuff too
Stranger: Lol
Stranger: May I ask about ur asl ?
You: 17 usa
You: u?
Stranger: Cool
Stranger: 20 m europe
You: i thought you were from eurpoe!
Stranger: How ?
You: because europeans like boring stuff like that :)
Stranger: My english ?
Stranger: Lol
You: no
Stranger: Don't u think that's abit rude
Stranger: Just a bit
You: well
You: idk
Stranger: Lol
You: it s true right? about europeans?
Stranger: Idk
Stranger: See different point of views
You: i think it is, like european movies
You: or baguettes
Stranger: Hahahaha
Stranger: What's ur name
You: you don't see real american movies about identity theft
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: It is all about wars
Stranger: For u guys
Stranger: Right ?
You: well sorry but
You: if you guys give us hitler we have to save the world right
Stranger: And ruling the world
You: from communism
Stranger: Lets don't talk about this
You: ok
Stranger: Cz. I am not up to it
You: i said ok gosh
You: no need to be rude about it
Stranger: But I just replied for what u think about europeans
Stranger: Lol
You: yeah they're pretty bad
You: u seem ok tho
Stranger: Lol
Stranger: Thanks
You: i guess?
Stranger: But if we became friend
Stranger: U'll know why I am fiffrenet
Stranger: Different
Stranger: Lol
You: different? like what?
Stranger: Different like different
You: do you want to come live in the usa?
Stranger: I dunno
You: why not?
Stranger: I never thought of such a thing
You: isnt there like all crisis over there now
Stranger: But why not
You: and drugs?
You: economic crisis
You: islam invasion?
Stranger: Yeahh but not everywhere
You: hipsters everywhere?
You: i mean
You: tell me anything good about europe
Stranger: Lets don't talk about religeon too
You: ok god, you're picky
Stranger: Cz it has nothing to do with islam
You: of course not you speak english
Stranger: What ?
You: people from islam dont speak english i think
You: unless they want to come here
Stranger: U r so racist
Stranger: Do u know ?
You: WHAAAAT????
You: i didntn say anything about skin color >:((((
Stranger: How is my english
Stranger: ?
You: very rude >:((
Stranger: No honestly
You: well like i said
You: i could know you were european
Stranger: Yeah sure
You: do u have classes? or do you learn it at school?
You: i mean classes
You: outside of school
You: helloooo?
You: are you here?
Stranger: School
You: i see
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: Is it good tho ?
You: well we could chat
You: but i think you should learn a bit more about american culture maybe
Stranger: No need
You: why?
Stranger: I am not up for americans
You: what do you mean? english please?
Stranger: I don't want
Stranger: To learn
Stranger: About ur culture
You: i don't know what "Up" means in french
Stranger: Cz I am not up to u guys
Stranger: And that's english
Stranger: Unless u don't speak english
You: what does up mean for you??
Stranger: Then tell me ur language
Stranger: So I would explain
You: my language is american
Stranger: Ur language is english
You: and a little bit of japonese
Stranger: Which u guys have takeb
Stranger: Taken
Stranger: From english people
You: taken?
Stranger: Yeahhhh europeans
You: i dont think so
Stranger: Yeahhhh
You: lol?
You: why?
Stranger: But u made it a bit sounds gay
You: lol? u reteard?
You: we don't appreciate discrimnation in the usa
You: so you should apologize
You: if you want to continue chat
You: hellooooOOO
Stranger: Heyyy
You: oh
Stranger: I am here
You: i thought you were disconnected
Stranger: Why would I appologize
Stranger: That's the truth
Stranger: Nope
You: because you said I was gay
You: and that is discrimination
You: and i am not
Stranger: No ur not
Stranger: But ur english sounds gay a bit
You: well that's because you don't know english
You: ok?
Stranger: I know
You: can we please change the subject?
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: Sure
You: so
You: are you jew?
Stranger: See
Stranger: Btw
Stranger: I am a muslim
Stranger: And I felt bad
You: you're kidding right?
Stranger: For what u've said
Stranger: Nope I am not
You: i can't believe it
You: the only day that i come to omegle
Stranger: Why ?
You: and i have to find a muslim
You: great
You: who cant even speak proper english
You: duuuuh
Stranger: Btw u arevrude
Stranger: Are rude
You: u mad now? awww
You: gonna bomb me?
You: because you want to be usa?
You: USA
Stranger: Cz my english is pretty good
You: USA
You: USA
Stranger: And no need for u to rank my english
You: go back to islam, we dont want you here in the usa
Stranger: I am not gonna go to the usa
You: good!
Stranger: I am happy here
You: safer for us I guess??
You: if you stay there? helooooOOOO
You: why do u stop typing
You: omg that so rude
You: are you here?
Stranger: Heyy
You: goddmanit
Stranger: I am talking to my friend
Stranger: That's why
You: ok
You: were u 2 praying?
You: for bahllah or something?
Stranger: I am gonna disconnet
Stranger: Cz u are being rude
Stranger: And a lot
You: am i?
Stranger: Racist
You: no ok
You: i guess so
Stranger: And rude
You: im just bored
You: im sry ok
You: maybe we can make peace
Stranger: Okay
Stranger: Yeah sure
You: if you come here and rebuilt 9/11 towers
Stranger: See I like how u think now
Stranger: Hey
You: hello
Stranger: Can u stop it
You: ok
You: im just angry
You: you didnt have to live throuh 9 11
You: but i did
Stranger: Why ?
You: i lost my brother there
Stranger: Why ?
You: but ok we can change subject
You: he was a firefighter
You: he was my younger brother paul
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: Do u have kik ?
You: but it s ok
You: no
You: thats for perverts
Stranger: Cz I have to leave
You: ok
You: as long as you dont come to usa
You: as tourist is ok
Stranger: Fuck off
You: wow
Stranger: Racist
You: what did i say
Stranger has disconnected.
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