Who is the bitch now?
Stranger: asl
You: hi
You: 19 f usa
Stranger: im 16m... damn
You: np, i like younger
You: you wanna start?
Stranger: gooood ;3 what do you have in mind for RP?
Stranger: and im Noel
You: I'm Jessica, but you can call me Jess
You: i'm a country girl living alone on a farm. you come by and like what you see
You: you can take it from there
Stranger: "Hey there country girl!"
You: I'm standing there, sweaty, in tight jeans and a top. "Hey there" I reply as I study you up and down, smirking.
Stranger: "Huh. Im Noel. You look... experienced... How old are you?"
You: I start walking toward you with grace, still not releasing eye contact. "I am 19 years old, Nooeel.". I poke a finger down into your chest. "How old are you?"
Stranger: "16 years old." I see your large breasts. "You country girls like things rough huh?"
You: I smile slyly at you as I grab ahold of your crouch. "Yes." I say coldly, staring into your eyes.
Stranger: I look at you and push you against the wall and kiss your lips, shoving my tongue in your mouth
You: I spin us around, pushing you up against the wall, laughing as I drag of my top. My nipples are already hard.
Stranger: "Damn you country girls are little sluts huh?" I grab your breasts and bite your neck
You: I scream out in pleasure, burying my nails into your back. "Oh yes!"
Stranger: "Heh if youre that turned already im going to full you up with my cum, whether youre on the pill or night"
You: I point at a pair of hand cuffs in the other end of the room and smile devilishly at you, raising an eyebrow.
Stranger: I grab the cuffs and push you against the wall and hold onto your throat and i cuff you to the beam in the hayloft "Imgoing to toy with you and fuck you nice and good" I rip off your pants "haha! Youre this wet for a teen?" I move my fingers down there and feel the wet spot in your panties
You: I moan in pleasure. "FUCK ME ALREADY". I breath heavily, eyeing you desperetely. I suddenly stop and a wide smile spreads across my face. "Wait... take of the cuffs"
Stranger: I take them off and look at you angrily "What?"
You: "I'm sorry I..." I hesitate. Then I move swiftly, snatching the handcuffs from your hands as I, in the same motion, handcuff you to a pole. I smirk at you and back off a yard, starting to move seductively as I undress right in front of you
Stranger: "Fuck you bitch, its not like you can really do anything more than what i was going to do to you. but fine. lets see what youre going to do to me"
You: I raise my eyebrows and laugh as I run out of the house. A few minutes later I return with a huge, naked, black man."Here's my little... well, not little, friend" I eye his monster cock, "He'll take care of you." I laugh mechanically as the black man bends you over and whispers in a rough voice: "Who's the bitch now?" We both laugh as he starts penetrating your white butthole.
You: The black man looks down at his accomplishment, grunting in pleasure as you yell for help.
Stranger: WTF
You: The black man releases a spontaneous battle roar. "White boy makes Jamal go something, something!" he screams at the top of his lungs while his black snake pounds your tight and untouched ass.
You: Tears stream down your face as you look at me with desperation. "How can something so wrong feel so good?" you ask me.
Stranger: FUCK YOU
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