Shots Fired
Stranger: Hey m20 with kik
You: hi! F 22
Stranger: Lol hey, would you like to roleplay?
You: i'd love to :) is it okay if we do it here?
Stranger: Lol yeah that's fine
You: i'll let you start :)
Stranger: Well what roles?
You: anything you want, im not too good at making decisions myself
Stranger: Well is there any roles you won't do?
You: ill...ill do anything.... i just like a good long build up
Stranger: Oh, okay. How about like you are my girlfriends sister or mother?
You: ill be her sister... i will tell you though.....i really like to make it real
You: ...if thats okay
Stranger: Lol nonyeah that's perfect
Stranger: Who starts? Me?
You: yes... please
Stranger: Okay one sec
Stranger: *its a late Friday night and I'm over at your house hanging with your sister. We're in the living room as we watch a movie with the lights off. She's asleep on one side of the couch as I'm still awake on the other side, watching alone*
Stranger: (Oh and I'm Bry or bryant btw)
You: *i get a text from my friend two houses down that her house is empty if i needed it for the long weekend. I ask you if you want to go over
Stranger: Yeah sure. Sounds like fun. *smiles as I get up, leaving your sister sleeping on the couch*
You: *we walk down the street to the other house, we enter and lock the door behind us. I ask where you want to go
Stranger: How about we check out the bedrooms. *i smile as I look around*
You: *we walk around the house, it's a single floor ranch style, probably from the 90's. We see a dim room leading to my friends* "do we enter" *I ask*
Stranger: Sure why not. *i smile as we go in*
You: *We enter the room. Finding ourselves in a warm room with a gentle summer breeze coming in from the window. I take my shirt off wearing only a sports bra underneath and lay you on my best friends bed.*
Stranger: *I smile as I look up at you with my hands behind my head*
You: *I hop on top of you and we lock lips. The rush is intense. After three minutes of this my jaw is already sore when suddenly... My stomach starts to make immense gaseous noises. I am hungry.* "Do you think we can.... order a pizza?" *I ask*
Stranger: Haha yeah, I would love some pizza. *i smile up at you*
You: *I get my phone and call donatos... after some deliberation I decide I just want a cheese pizza.* "what do we while we wait" *I ask*
Stranger: Uhh, I don't know.. we could make out more. *smirks*
You: *
You: *I sit you down on the couch. Grazing the table on the side. My jean loop is stuck on the table without any way of getting it out* "can you help?" *I ask*
Stranger: Of course. *i get up and help you get unstuck*
You: *In our hassle lasting roughly 15 minutes, I am unstuck with a broken jean loop and the corner table lies on the ground. Shattered.* "Do you think I should.... take off the jeans"
Stranger: I mean.. they are already torn. *i blush and bite my lip as I look over your torn jeans*
You: *I unbutton my jeans...suddenly the doorbell rings. There is a very young... attractive delivery girl seen through the glass* "do we invite her in?"
Stranger: I see no harm in it. *smiles as I watch you walk over to the door and welcome her in*
You: *The girl enters and says* "I was going to ask for the money but you two look like you were up to some fun" *i run to you* "do we... let her join?"
Stranger: Uhh, I mean it's cheaper than buying the pizza ourselves. *i smile slightly as I look her over and back at you*
You: *I run back to her and pull her toward us. In her haste she trips over the broken table... spilling the scalding hot pizza all over my sports bra* "ouch" *i moan*
Stranger: Oh gosh are you okay?!
You: "I dont know" *I cry removing my sports bra. The temperature of the pizza has burnt the skin so much there is no differentiation between skin and nipple*
Stranger: Oh wow. *i can't help but stare at your breast as you have the attention right now but I'm also liking you topless*
You: *The delivery girl then trips over the table. Her hands pulling down your pants impaling her throat into your massive cock*
Stranger: *my eyes widen as I look down at her, you can see my thro cock
Stranger: Throbbing cock making a buldge in her throat*
Stranger: Oh god! Mmmmm oh my
You: *Her face turns a rich purple. Oxygen deprivation is evident. She passes out on the floor next to us. Limp.*
Stranger: *my cock is still out and hard as I breath heavily, looking at her limp body* god I had my whole leanth in her throat
You: *At this point it is apparent donatos has contacted the police. A police car arrives. The office steps out and walks to the front door.*
Stranger: Oh no! *i quickly pull up my pants and I sit up the delivery girl on the couch*
You: *The office busts down the door. Upon seeing my mangled, deformed, glowing red tit, he draws his gun*
Stranger: Whoa hey! What the fuck! *raises my hands*
You: *The sudden movement sparks him to bark orders* "TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF AND GET ON THE GROUND"
Stranger: Wh-what?! *i keep my hands raised as he barks at me again. I do as he says as I strip naked and get onto the ground*
You: *Your rising erection while on the ground is treated as a threat. He fires four shots into your body.*
Stranger has disconnected.
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