Irish Pink Eye
You: ello govna
You: you speak english?
Stranger: Yep
You: oi and it says here you fancy cyber sex is that right?
Stranger: Yes..
Stranger: Male here
You: perfect, I'm ripe for a rogering!
You: Female here. where is here you american?
Stranger: Finland
You: I'm in bloody ireland and I'm a frothing and foaming baby get it started
Stranger: Do u have kik ?
You: no
Stranger: Where are u now?
You: Dublin on my patio
Stranger: Outside? Nice :)
You: yeah you wanna get nasty outside....very ;) european of you
Stranger: I like it too.. To do things outside :)
You: like what build tree houses and pet dogs, get sexy now!
Stranger: Like have sex on patio..
You: oh yeah you bending me over mate
Stranger: Maybe first lick your pussy.. You sitting on my head..
You: then I fart real loud and you get pink eye
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2436 BCE