It smells funny in here..
You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
Question to discuss:
When was the last time you pooped your pants and how?
Stranger: I was a young girl back in the day...
Stranger: Really bad diarrhea
You: I was running then i farted but it wasn't a fart
Stranger: Aw! That sucks? How old were you?
You: It was yesterday.
Stranger: Seriously? Did you have a sad tummy?
You: I was going to my girlfriends house, and yes. i had a sad tummy.
Stranger: Aww... did she know?
You: Not until we had sex
Stranger: Oh... that's a bad way to learn XD
You: after that im locked in my room
Stranger: oh...
Stranger: tht sucks
You: Yeah. But I got over it.
Stranger: That's good :D
You: Just Like I got over her.
You: Last night
Stranger: Seriously?
You: Yes
Stranger: aww
You: I was over her
You: Thrusting
Stranger: XD
Stranger: Nice one :D
Stranger has disconnected.
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