Hobbits have no sense of humor
You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hi
Stranger: m
You: knockknock
Stranger: what? :>
You: knockknock. (say who's there silly baby!)
Stranger: joshua from auckland.
You: where is auckland?
Stranger: u?
Stranger: new zealnd.. lol :)
Stranger: and u?
You: I hope the orcs feast on your dick for fucking up my genius knockknock joke you hobbit bastard.
You: can i re-tell it please?
Stranger: heyyy..
Stranger: of corse go onnnn
You: when i say knockknock, you say "who's there"
You: got it?
Stranger: hmmmm
You: knock
You: knock
Stranger: gotta retell it quickly...i aint enjoying this
You: for the love of god please just say it
Stranger: who's there?
You: Mack
Stranger: nice to meet you mack
You: NOOOOO!!!!!! Say MACK WHO?
Stranger: why
You: Not why WHO! WHO WHO WHO!!!
Stranger: who
You: MACK who. Say that
Stranger: mack who
You: Mack ock
You: GET IT???
You: mack ock! ma cock ...MY...COCK....was at the door! HAA!!!
You: the fuck ain't you laughin??
You: hobbits have no sense of humor
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