K.C.'s back bitchez
You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
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Stranger: m
You: F here
Stranger: age?
You: old enough
Stranger: :p horny?
You: It kinda goes with the territory
You: wanna know ho I am?
You: who*
Stranger: yup
You: well that'll be a surprise <3 lol
You: I promise I'll tell you
Stranger: kik?
Stranger: :)
You: Mine is broken :(
You: SPilled honey on it
Stranger: oh :(
You: i thought only kids had those?
Stranger: fine what's ur boobs size?
Stranger: ????
You: lol why you wanna know that?
Stranger: just to imagine ;)
Stranger: tell me dear ;)
You: well...they're Borderline Material Girls....But mostly True Blue
You: get what I mean??
Stranger: no :( ..
Stranger: where r u from?
Stranger: ????
You: Michigan
You: a little place called bay city
Stranger: oh... ;) then u won't tell me ur boobs size?
You: Well...I'm Like A Virgin...
Stranger: even I virgin
Stranger: I am virgin
You: Yeah??
Stranger: I swear
You: Sorry...
Stranger: promise
Stranger: I am a virgin
You: Maybe I could be your Lucky Star
Stranger: may be... ;)
You: we could have ourselves a little Hanky Panky.
You: And a Celebration!
Stranger: sure.... tell me ur boobs size dear...
You: well....they're a little strange.....Don't get Hung Up though kayy??
Stranger: hmmm :(
Stranger: I have a nine inch sick ;)
Stranger: dick*
You: Give It 2 Me
You: My Beautiful Stranger
Stranger: I will put it in ur mouth
Stranger: what's ur nipples color?
You: True Blue
You: Cause I have a Fever
Stranger: do u have a hairy pussy?
You: it's Human Nature
Stranger: I wanna suck ur nipples all day
Stranger: I like hairy pussy
You: Like it or Not?
Stranger: I like it ;)
You: Erotica
Stranger: wanna put my tounge inside u lovely pussy
You: Can I tell you a Secret?
Stranger: and finger it hard
Stranger: tell me dear
Stranger: tell
You: Well it's a Bedtime Story I want to tell you.
Stranger: sure
You: Don't think the screen is Frozen. Just Give me Time to type it out
Stranger: ok
You: I lead you into my bedroom, crooning and kissing your ear. My hands grope behind you to pull a cord suspended from the ceiling. A chute opens up on the floor and you fall through into my lair. FOOLISH. I leap down after you, my dinosaur arms ripping through my clothes. I rape the absolute fuck out of you because I am Madonna and this is how I LIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!
You: give me all your luvin
**Your conversational partner has disconnected**
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