what is the funniest omegle chat you /b/ro's have had? this was mine just now
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Question to discuss:
i need to wank, discuss.
Stranger: me 2
Stranger: this isnt helping
You: me 3
Stranger: ok
Stranger: count to 3
Stranger: we will all race
Stranger: to see who can cum first
You: wait...
Stranger: waiting
You: i need help i can only get it up if i think of cream cheese on a bagel
Stranger: O.o
Stranger: think of cream cheese
Stranger: in my ass hole
Stranger: or does it have to be on the bagel?
You: ohh yea spread that cream cheese
You: ohh h.o
Stranger: u got the knife
Stranger: spread it
Stranger: omg im going to hell >.>
You: goes and gets land o lakes butter
You: there we go
Stranger: yes
Stranger: butter me
You: finds a bannana
You: you know what i want
Stranger: no need to use the banana
Stranger: u got ur own
You: takes the bannana and crams it up your ass yea you know you like it
You: goes off to find the land of zombies
You: grabs a chainsaw from a stop n go
You: kills the emporer of sweden ending his tyrannical communistic government
Yo: dwight eisenhower returns from the dead and congratulates me
Stranger: how high are you
You: not high enough i still cant get it up
Stranger: WTF you're disturbed
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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