Carrot and Donut Sex
<Bloodninja> Hi
<sissy_Bailey> Hi
<Bloodninja> whats goin on
<sissy_Bailey> asl please?
<Bloodninja> sorry, I don't know american sign language
<sissy_Bailey> lol
<sissy_Bailey> ASL means what is your Age/Sex/Location
<Bloodninja> Age: 30 seconds, Sex: binary, Location: your computer screen
<sissy_Bailey> heh... I don't know whether to find you funny or annoying
<Bloodninja> wanna cyber?
<sissy_Bailey> Uh.. no
<Bloodninja> That's great! I'm glad you consented. I'll start...
* Bloodninja puts on his robe and wizard hat
* Bloodninja gets a donut and a carrot
* Bloodninja gives sissy_Bailey the donut
* Bloodninja puts his carrot in sissy_Bailey's donut
* Bloodninja moves his carrot in and out of sissy_Bailey's donut
* Bloodninja watches as sissy_Bailey's donut gets his carrot wet with chocolate frosting
<sissy_Bailey> WTF is wrong with u????
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