You: hi
Stranger: asl
You: u firdt
Stranger: hey
You: first
Stranger: m
You: f
Stranger: 16
You: 14
Stranger: kik
You: dont have a camera. spilt honey on it
Stranger: thats fine
Stranger: whats your user name
You: i dont have it downloaded we can talk on here
Stranger: we can chat on kik
You: why not here :(
You: we can still talk dirty ;)
Stranger: you can see what i look like on kio
Stranger: kik and talk dirty:
Stranger: ;)
You: its all good just describe urself
Stranger: you?
You: what?
You: i didnt get what u sent
Stranger: im tall and tan
Stranger: i have brown eyes and black hair and im athletic and slim
Stranger: i have an 8 pack and a big cock
Stranger: you?
You: omg so hot ;)
You: im alittle short. brunette hair and have 38 d's blue eyes
You: alittle tan
Stranger: ass?
You: bubble butt ;)
Stranger: sexy
You: ohh yeahhh... what r u into big boy
Stranger: lemmie get your kik sexy
Stranger: that way we can keep talking later
You: just talk on here.
Stranger: whats the fuethest youve gone with a guy
You: a guy once let me stick my crayon up his butt thats about it
Stranger: what...your crayon?
You: yeah. uk. crayola. its my big fetish. i stick it in a guys ass and like the poop off.
You: lick*
Stranger: damn...well i was was there id bend you over and start to fuck you hard then take it out and put it in your ass and do anal then let you shck it clean
Stranger: let you suck it clean*
You: i need to tell u something... to get me really wet u have to do this...
Stranger: hows that sound
You: sounds good but theres one thing that will really get me.going...
Stranger: what
You: u have to wear a besr skin hat and growl behind me.
You: the i will put on a besr suit and well wrestle
You: bear*
Stranger: ill be the fucking hulk behind you and fuck the shit out of you literally and make you suck my dick clean
Stranger: and imma squeze those big juicy titties you have and suck on them
You: ill shit all over u stomach when u pull out
You: then ill smear it all over
You: then put on my besr suit and take a big fucking bite out of your stomach
You: and eat your guts right in front of your.god damn face
Stranger: lol your gonna eat your shit off ny stomach
Stranger: my*
You: then ill slap u and bend u over. and shove my crayola crayon up your ass. and make u lick it off
You: omg im so wet
Stranger: lol that sounds horrible bite my stomach and eat my guts
You: its fucking delicious. the i cast transfigure and go back into my humanform and cast lvl 8 penis enlargment on your tiny dick
Stranger: lol dude your hella weird
You: i then open my backpack and drink a mana pot to regain enough energy to cast transfigure to go back into bear form
You: i then to proceed to eat your new enlarged dick
Stranger: lol okay bro live your fantasy
You: im not your bro
Stranger: your a creepy dude
You: im a girl
You: my druid is female dude
Stranger: your a weird girl then
Stranger: takking about eating me and talking like your a fucken magician
You: just becuz i like to stick crayons in dudes assholes doesnt make me weird
You: im not a magician
You: i am a lvl 65 druid tauren
Stranger: penis enlargment spells
You: u should show some respect
Stranger: thats weird
Stranger: you know what
You: it was to help u feel comfortable.
Your conversational partner has left.
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