lets meet and do some fuckya , , , , :)
Stranger: m here
You: Hiya
You: whatcha lookin for
Stranger: f
You: what kinda f?
Stranger: 20 above f . . . with performance
Stranger: heheheh joke
You: performance?
You: I'm a 30 f dancer ;)
Stranger: :)
Stranger: can see u in cam if ok to you
You: my cam's broke.i spilled honey on it last week hee hee
Stranger: do u have FB?
You: but i've got a good imagination
You: No deleted it so my hubby wouldn't snoop
Stranger: how can i see you?
You: don't you have an imagination? how old are you?
You: and tell me your name
Stranger: 25
Stranger: my name is judawn
Stranger: and ur name?
You: ooh that sounds exotic.Where are you from?
You: I'm Kristal
Stranger: phil
Stranger: from?
You: Las Vegas hunny
Stranger: ahh
Stranger: do u have a boyfrend?
You: I'm in an open marriage
Stranger: ohhh
Stranger: discribe ur self pls
You: Hmmm well I'm 5"8, very slender with wide hips and enormous tits that would make you cry and want to commit hari kiri.
Stranger: wow
You: sound good 2 u?
Stranger: can i hug u and kiss u :)
You: For the right paper, Judawn
You: judawn
You: jew's don't have a dawn. only the night.
Stranger: :)
You: so tell me about u
Stranger: go create FB with ur pix
You: Don't sass me, little boy.
You: I'll spank that ass
Stranger: im 5'8 also slim
You: and feed you soap til you go blind like Ralphie.
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: u go with me in a bath ang scrab my back i scrab urs hahaha
You: Scrab? Alright I'll scrab you then tack you into bed and fack you
Stranger: i fuck u too
Stranger: i licked ur little pussy
Stranger: :P
You: Bitch you did not. You are facking grounded
You: go to your room until i decide how i'llpunish you
Stranger: lets meet and do some fuckya , , , , :)
You: No you do what i tell you.Got it?Now go to your room, little boy.
Stranger: iam in my room ryt now
You: pick up those goddamn leggos. If I step on one I'm raping you in the eye
You: Got it?
Stranger: dont demand me
Stranger: im not a little boy
You: -slaps your mouth- No backsass
Stranger: haha
You: wait till your father gets home
Stranger: are u horny?
You: he'sraping you in the eye too
You: i'm mad cause i stepped on a mother fuckin leggo!!!!
You: Come here
You: NOW
Stranger: wer u from i come\
You: watch your mouth!
You: WHo do you think you're talking to?
Stranger: a bitch
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: kidding
You: bend over. It's time for a spanking
Stranger: not spanking just fucking
Stranger: hahaa
You: No. first you get spanked
You: No..I know how do deal with a disobedient boy like you
You: grabs your hand and takes you into the bathroom
Stranger: im joking
Stranger: dont be mad mama
You: oh its too late now. get naked. take off those hand-me-downs from your older and more successful brother that i love more
You: -turns on the bathwater
You: the tub begins to fill
Stranger: :)
You: do it
Stranger: are you beautifull?
You: I'm your mother
You: you will listen to me
You: take off your clothes and get in the tub
Stranger: obeys and gets in
You: once you are in the tub, i slam my foot down onto your face and force you under the water.
"I should have done this before wasting money on your college fund!! Why couldn't you be more like your brother Jackie Chan!! Yeah he can't speak english worth a shit but at least he's a SOMEBODY!!"
*Stranger has logged off*
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