again i ask, i hope you really are doing all this
Stranger: hi asl?
You: 16 f uk
You: u?
Stranger: 19 m sweden
Stranger: u horny?
Stranger: ?
You: I could be
Stranger: that usually means yes
Stranger: u wanna cyber here?
You: That would be fun!
Stranger: do u have a pic or can u describe urself?
You: I'm 5"7
You: red hair and brown eyes
You: You?
Stranger: tall blonde hair green eyes workout everyday
Stranger: breasts size?
You: Ummm well I just got 38 D's
You: had a small surgery
Stranger: btw i love redheads and brittish chicks
Stranger: i'd looove to see them babe
You: then I'll be just perfect for you
You: ;) ;)
Stranger: do u have any dildos or vibrators?and how do u like it babe, slow or rough and wild?
You: Ummm I've got this one. But it's really really special...
You: And I've got kind of a strange fetish
Stranger: which one?
You: Nobody's ever done it right so I'm still looking
Stranger: do tell
You: Well I really like bi guys. Or even a straight guy who's secure enough to try something new.
Stranger: i'm not into being penetrated if that's what you're implying
You: You won't have to do that if u don't wanna. But I would like watching if u got my toy ready 4 me
You: Could u do that 4 me???
Stranger: do what?
You: pretty pretty please
Stranger: what?
You: u know just lick it to get it wet for me
Stranger: lick what?you really have to be more specific
You: my dildo silly
Stranger: ok i would do that, no sucking though
You: Really????
You: :) :)
Stranger: do u like getting dominated?yes, i would if i was there
You: I switch, but i can do whatevs 4 u
Stranger: i want u to play rough with urself this time, i want you to start rubbin ur tight lil pussy hard
You: mmm ok, but i wanna watch u get my toy ready, ok?
You: Lap it like a doggy
Stranger: i wanna get it all wet for ur tight sweet pussy
Stranger: so it can stick all the way up till you start shaking of pleasure
You: Pulls off my clothes and starts petting the kitty slow, watching you and your wet mouth
You: mmmm yeah baby
You: go ahead
Stranger: i hope you really are naked
Stranger: i want you to show those big tits start spanking them
You: slaps at them openhanded like chris brown hit rhiana
You: it's openhanded so that makes it ok
Stranger: again i ask, i hope you really are doing all this
You: i am babe! Oh GoD!!!
Stranger: great baby, is that pussy gettin wet?
You: hmmm i need a little inspirtion
You: help me out
Stranger: do you want ur pussy to get filled up by my cock?
Stranger: feeling every inch and vein of it pushing your nerves to the best fuckin orgasm you every had?
You: use my toy first
You: i need the stretching cause its so small
Stranger: i want you to start rubbin the tip of your dildo against ur clit
You: But u have it. I'm waiting for u to lick it like u promised
Stranger: i'm lickin it up n down as you would slurp my cock
Stranger: it wants ur pussy babe
Stranger: and you want it too
Stranger: tell me how bad you want it
You: I really do...please keep licking it though it's SOOOO hot!!!!
Stranger: my cock and the dildo want u babe, i can't keep myself much longer. I lick it again slowly.
You: without warning i grab the end of the dildo and force it harder and deeper into your mouth, cutting off your oxygen as my eyes turn red with bloodlust. Your body flails but there is no escape. Your vision blurs as you begin to die like u always knew you would. Choking on a pink dick. Your last thoughts as you pass into the bright white light above is only, "Why...Why a cock? Oh GOD WHY!?!?!?!"
You: I bury your body outside the next morning
You: early so no one will see
You: For even the living judge the dead who died
You: choking on a dick
You: you there baby?
You: of course you're not. You choked on a dick.
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