You: Hi
Stranger: hi
Stranger: m f ?
You: f
Stranger: age ?
You: 20
You: u?
Stranger: m
Stranger: 22
Stranger: from ?
You: canada
Stranger: spain
Stranger: horny ?
You: I might be just a little eh
You: I guess u are too eh>
Stranger: lool
Stranger: yeaahh
You: Play a game eh?
Stranger: ohh yes
Stranger: u have cam ?
You: my cam is broken eh.Spilled maple syrup on it eh.
You: Had to eat it all so the bears wouldn't get it eh
You: haha eh
Stranger: Why do you keep saying that?
You: saying what eh?
Stranger: yes
You: what eh?
Stranger: yes that.
You: I didn't say that eh.
Stranger: You keep saying EH
You: Eh?
Stranger: yes. why
You: I didn't say eh eh.
Stranger: You just said it again.twice
You: I didn't hear anything eh. Still horny eh?
Stranger: i guess just stop doing that
You: okeh
Stranger: grabs your hips and pulls you in real tight
You: I kiss across your cheek and whisper into your ear softly....eehhhhhh.
Stranger: stop that i mean it
You: Ignores you and grabs your hair, now shrieking into your ear like a drillbit... EEHHHHH!!!!!!!
Stranger: you're fucking weird
You: I thought it was going okeh.
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