He also said he was a girl didn't she?
Stranger: hi
You: hello. asl
Stranger: 20
Stranger: m
Stranger: france
You: ooh lala
Stranger: and you?
You: f
You: usa
You: 8
Stranger: 8?????
You: oops! 18 haha that is so funny!
Stranger: ouf
Stranger: lol
You: haha no I am definitely 18. I'm an adult.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: dont worry i aint the police
You: I'm not worried at all baby
You: Too bad you're not a cop
You: danger is sexy
Stranger: do you want too know what i'm starting in september?
You: No way
You: Tell me tell me
Stranger: training to become an airforce pilot
You: That's not a cop.
You: Not even close
You: pout
Stranger: what do u look like?
You: umm Kinda short. 5 feet five
You: dark red hair, green eyes
You: And I'm getting a nice tan
Stranger: i like red hair
Stranger: lucky u
You: Do you? Or are you just saying that cause you're insecure? haha
Stranger: no i really like red hair
Stranger: i find it original and good looking
You: Aw thank you. :)
You: so umm wanna play a game?
Stranger: y not
You: I can be a real good sport
You: what games do you like?
Stranger: what kind of games?
You: Any games really haha
You: I'm good at hide and seek
Stranger: drinking games
You: well we can't do that over chat haha silly
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: and my other favorite game inolves some contact
You: Like red rover red rover?
Stranger: no
You: Is it better?
Stranger: way better
You: How do you play?
You: NOTHING is better than red rover
Stranger: i'll tell you
You: except maybe pokemon
You: tell me :)
Stranger: if we exchange pics
You: pics? Of what?
Stranger: of you
You: thats part of the game?
Stranger: no
You: Then tell me! haha
You: you're weird haha
Stranger: yeah a bit fucked up in my head
Stranger: my favourite game is known in french as "le beret"
Stranger: do you have skype
Stranger: ?
You: What's le beret?
Stranger: a game
Stranger: there are two teams
You: uh-huh
Stranger: they line up ten meter one another
Stranger: each player got a number
You: You better hurry if we're going to play. I have school in a little while.
Stranger: and in the middle u put something like a hat or scarf or something
Stranger: and a neutral person calls out a number
You: This game sounds boring!!!!
You: Probably cause its french
Stranger: pfffff
You: When do we get to get naked?
Stranger: oh you want that kind of game
You: Duh!!!!
Stranger: you get naked in bed
Stranger: blindfolded
You: I haven't been blindfolded since my friends birthday party last year haha she had a cute pinata
You: ok so now what
Stranger: and you must guess the parts of the other person by liking them
You: Liking? Oh licking!
Stranger: yes
Stranger: im not very good at spelling
You: Hmmm licking...like eating ice cream right?
Stranger: yes
You: That does sound fun!
Stranger: it is
You: What do you taste like?
You: ice cream????
Stranger: passion fruit
You: Oh what's that?
Stranger: http://www.passeportsante.net/DocumentsProteus/images/fruit_passion_nu-1.jpg
You: Is it tasty?
Stranger: yes
You: Looks weird to me!
Stranger: its very nice
You: I hope you don't look like that.
Stranger: do you have picture of you?
You: There are a few on the computer, yes
Stranger: *picture sent and removed to protect identity of victim*
Stranger: this is mine
You: Aren't we still playing?
Stranger: how can we play?
Stranger: i cant touch you
Stranger: neither see you
You: Don't you have an imagination? I do!
You: I like pretending.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: but i need a picture to know with who im playing with
You: I can't send one though. :(
Stranger: you upload it here
You: But I'm not supposed to!
Stranger: come on send me one
You: Last time I did that my mom got real upset.
Stranger: well ur 18
Stranger: ur an adult
You: what?
You: Oh!
You: right i am!
Stranger: and she doesnt have to know
You: Im an adult
Stranger: so come on send me one
You: I gotta go now though. :( The schoolbus is coming.
Stranger: ur not 18
You: YES I AM!!!!
Stranger: ok
Stranger: send me a pic of you
Stranger: u have skype?
You: Excuse me, but my child is NOT your disgusting plaything. I suggest you find yourself someone else to talk to before you find yourself in DEEP trouble. Where do you get the nerve to talk to a little kid about sex, you animal!
Stranger: i'm sorry she said she was 18
You: He also said he was a girl didn't she?
You: Hello?
You: Yeah you better log off bitch. Nastyass cheese-eating motha fucka.
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