Please don't shoot me!
<Partner6> So you're really a 18 yr old girl right?
<J-Doggg> Yeah, J for Julie.
<Partner6> So whats with the "Dogg"
<J-Doggg> Uh, It's cause I'm into the latina gangs and shit. You know, rollin with tha homies and shit.
<Partner6> Oh, uh ok thats cool. So you ever seen a gun?
<J-Doggg> Yeah like I got 6 guns.
<Partner6> Thats cool, so you wanna see my gun?
<J-Doggg> hehe, of course baby.
<Partner6> I pull off my pants and show you my "gun".
<J-Doggg> Ohh, it's so big.
<Partner6> Yeah, what you want to do?
<J-Doggg> Umm, i guess stroke it or something.
<Partner6> It likes that.
<J-Doggg> aight.
<Partner6> Keep talking to me baby...
<J-Doggg> I kiss you on the mouth, hard, but then gently.
<Partner6> Mmmm, daddy like.
<J-Doggg> I unzip my pants...
<Partner6> Yes, show me what you got.
<J-Doggg> I pull out my schlong, and rub it on your breasts...
<Partner6> WTF?!
<J-Doggg> Oh shit, I meant, your schlong! your schlong!
<Partner6> I've had it with you queers trying to cyber me, I only fuck women...
<J-Doggg> Shit just don't shoot me man, I wasn't serious about the guns I have, I'm unarmed!
<Partner6> You dipshit.
<J-Doggg> I whimper to myself...
<J-Doggg> please don't shoot me Mr.
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