I usually have aftershocks...
<HotGuy4U> Hey, baby. ASL?
<Jessicaxox> 16/f/USA
<HotGuy4U> Okay, I'm 18/m/Aus. Wanna fool around?
<Jessicaxox> Yeah, sure. ;)
<HotGuy4U> Tell me how you look like, babe.
<Jessicaxox> I'm 5'8 and have brown hair and brown eyes.
<HotGuy4U> I'm 6'2 and I have green eyes, brown hair and a six pack. I'm also 11 inches long.
<Jessicaxox> Oh wow, your so big... :O I've never seen one so big before...
<HotGuy4U> ;) There's a first time for everything. Would you like to suck it?
<Jessicaxox> Mmm, yes. I unbutton your jeans and pull out your long, hard cock. I begin to rub it slowly, teasing you.
<HotGuy4U> I cannot stand this... I want you so bad...
<Jessicaxox> I lick the head of your long cock, my wet tongue swirling around it slowly, spreading your precum. I hear you pant. I begin to suck your hard dick.
<HotGuy4U> Mmmm.
<Jessicaxox> I begin to go in deeper and deeper, my hand rubbing your hard cock the further I go down.
<HotGuy4U> Keep on going babe.
<Jessicaxox> I deepthroat you. Your huge cock is too big for my tiny mouth. I puke everywhere, all over your cock and balls.
<HotGuy4U> WTF?
<Jessicaxox> I'm sorry, it's just that you're so big! ;(
<HotGuy4U> Its fine. I wipe the vomit away with a washcloth.
<Jessicaxox> I'm really sorry...:(
<HotGuy4U> it's fine.
<Jessicaxox> I really am... If you want to give me another chance, I'll let you fuck me.
<HotGuy4U> ...Okay, i forgive you.
<Jessicaxox> Thanks :):):) You won't regret it!!! :D
<HotGuy4U> :)
<Jessicaxox> Okay, you start.
<HotGuy4U> Mmm, okay. I unbutton your shirt. I rip off your bra, your tits spilling out.
<Jessicaxox> Hey... That was worth $125, dick.
<HotGuy4U> Don't worry, I'll get you a better one... I kiss you passionately.
<Jessicaxox> I vomit in your mouth.
<Jessicaxox> I'm sorry, when I puke, I usually have aftershocks...
<HotGuy4U> ...
<Jessicaxox> well, serves you right for ruining my bra...
<HotGuy4U> Okay, I'm sorry. Can I go on.
<Jessicaxox> Sure.
<HotGuy4U> I pull up your skirt and reveal your pink panties. They are soaking wet and I remove them. I spread the lips of your pussy and my tongue slides in, licking your juices.
<Jessicaxox> And blood.
<HotGuy4U> What?
<Jessicaxox> it's my time of the month.
<HotGuy4U> You have to be fucking kidding me.
<Jessicaxox> Umm, hello? 11 inch cock? Your 6'1, unless you pump steroids in your dick, there is no way you can be that big.
<HotGuy4U> You're a fucking retard.
<Jessicaxox> Meh. Let me finish.
<HotGuy4U> No, fuck off.
<Jessicaxox> I slap you with my 2ft long cock. I cum all over you, gluing you to the floor. I cut off your tiny 1 inch dick and butt fuck you until your ass is bleeding.
<Jessicaxox> Fuck... I am wet.
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