Drowning the pole!
portefore4u: lotta men don;t appreciate that beautiful narrow back of yours. I do
portefore4u: sup gurl? 33 black male here.
i_n33d_boobs: u do really?
portefore4u: really, babygurl
portefore4u: 33d...
portefore4u: perfect
portefore4u: u are a white female?
i_n33d_boobs: yeah hunny bunny
portefore4u: age?
i_n33d_boobs: 25
portefore4u: perfect. tell me...does the bottom match the top?
i_n33d_boobs: oh yeah....its smooth and curvy
portefore4u: waist and hip measurement?
i_n33d_boobs: why u are making statistics?
portefore4u: just trying to picture, babygurl
i_n33d_boobs: picture what?
portefore4u: picture your body
i_n33d_boobs: what for?
portefore4u: for fun
i_n33d_boobs: why don't u jsut ask for a pic?
portefore4u: i didnt think you had one
portefore4u: could i see your pic?
i_n33d_boobs: nope
portefore4u: lol
portefore4u: its okay
portefore4u: so what do you do for a livin?
i_n33d_boobs: I'm an exotic dancer
portefore4u: for real? Do you enjoy your work?
i_n33d_boobs: I loooove it
portefore4u: u must get sick of all us men groveling over you, not caring whats in your head...all interested in that body.
i_n33d_boobs: like yourself u mean?
portefore4u: you wouldnt happen to be one of those rare white women with kind of a ...bubble butt?
portefore4u: men get fixated on womens bodies
i_n33d_boobs: yeah i notice....
portefore4u: no doubt
i_n33d_boobs: like you...
portefore4u: true...i ain't denying it
portefore4u: every black man's dream is a white gurl built like a fine sista
i_n33d_boobs: ok i'll send u a pic then
portefore4u: okay
i_n33d_boobs: i hope u like chicks that aren't thick....
portefore4u: let me see
[ Sent him a pic pictured to the right ]
portefore4u: exotic dancer?
i_n33d_boobs: yeah....
portefore4u: so tell me what interests you
i_n33d_boobs: why u do'nt like my pic?
portefore4u: love it
portefore4u: so what do u do for entertainment...any hobbies?
i_n33d_boobs: yeha I lik frunning hiking and going out to bars and nightclubs
portefore4u: read any books?
i_n33d_boobs: yeah sometimes....
portefore4u: what kind of running shoes to you wear?
i_n33d_boobs: with shoe laces and a sole?
portefore4u: lol
portefore4u: and a sense of humor
portefore4u: i like that
portefore4u: do you get big tips?
i_n33d_boobs: yeah specially when ido special stuff
portefore4u: like what?
i_n33d_boobs: like sliding up and down the pole as my pussy drips all over it..almost drowning the scene
i_n33d_boobs: so where's ur pic big boy?
[NO REPLY......]
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