Every man's true fantasy butt rape scenario.
Taylor: hey so u wanna rp??
Jenny: i'm the emperor tiberias' daughter
Jenny: want to have sex with the most powerful woman in the land?
Taylor: sure
Jenny: okay
Jenny: here's the deal
Jenny: we're in the province of Transalpine Gaul
Jenny: you're a middle ranking equestrian mercenary
Jenny: and my father tiberias and i are coming to visit
Jenny: you save me from armenian slave traders
Taylor: okay
Jenny: and bring me back to my father the emperor
Jenny: who asks you, how can I ever repay you?
Jenny: he offers you to be in a room alone with me
Taylor: i accept
Jenny: and we are alone now
Jenny: you begin
Taylor: you are a very beutiful woman, *strokes your cheek with my thmb*
Taylor: thumb*
Jenny: in walks tiberias with a giant throbbing boner
Jenny: and three provincial slaves
Jenny: meanwhile suetonius records this on a wax tablet
Jenny: ur turn
Taylor: hello emperoer i was just about to get started *takes off my shirt
Jenny: tiberias demands you nibble his inner thighs
Jenny: like a minnow
Jenny: meanwhile i get naked
Taylor: *nibbles on his inner thighs*
Jenny: all of a sudden a horn sounds and group of parthian invaders rushes into the palace
Jenny: save me i say
Taylor: *grabs my sword and protects you killing the invaders one by one*
Jenny: tiberias rushes over to you and boldly bends you over
Jenny: here's a gift for saving me and my daughter he screams with passion
Jenny: truly the emperor grants you his favor
Jenny: the praetorian guard rushes and one by one salutes you
Jenny: suetonius records your anal violation and shouts it out across the land
Jenny: you live the rest of your days in shame as the emperor's official butt slave and to this day your name is remembered in the histories of suetonius
Taylor: okay i dont like that story
Jenny: but your famous now
Jenny: that makes you a man of great reknown
Jenny: we haven't gotten to the emperor's harem yet
Taylor: okay plz continue
Jenny: so you come to rome
Jenny: the mightiest city of the ancient world
Jenny: you are brought to the harem of tiberias
Jenny: you see many beautiful women
Jenny: and it's just you alone
Jenny: with them
Jenny: in a room
Jenny: is this better
Jenny: ?
Taylor: yea
Taylor: but i like you better than them
Taylor: continue plz
Jenny: all of sudden two strong men with rippling biceps rush into the room and strap you down.
Taylor: *trys to fight them off but i can't*
Jenny: you are painfully castrated and live out your days as a eunuch until one day you offend the emperor and are thrown into the colloseum and eaten by lions
Jenny: pretty hot eh
Taylor: werid story
Jenny: but it's historically accurate
Jenny: i told you i was into roman rp
Taylor: yea okay
Jenny: how about star wars
Jenny: rp
Jenny: you like star wars
Jenny: i like star wars
Taylor: sure whatever you want as long as im not a butt slave again
Jenny: okay
Jenny: so you're obi wan kenobi
Jenny: and i'm mon motthma
Jenny: do you know who that is
Taylor: no
Jenny: she is the leader of the rebellion
Jenny: in return of the jedi
Jenny: she's a hot space warrior
Jenny: is that cool
Taylor: okay
Jenny: so one day
Jenny: we are in the deserts of tatooine
Jenny: in the dune sea
Jenny: alone
Taylor: okay
Jenny: ur turn
Jenny: try and be creative
Jenny: show of your star wars knowledge
Taylor: i can feel another jedi near and he is leading a raid of tusken warriors towards us
Jenny: i get caught by them
Jenny: and need rescuing
Taylor: *controls the minds of the tusken raiders so they will kill the jedi and bring you back to me
Jenny: all of a sudden jabba's sail barge shows up and and gamorrean guards capture us and take us aboard
Jenny: and throws us in a prison cell on our own
Taylor: well no what jabba is to smart for mind tricks
Jenny: bib fortuna comes in
Jenny: and says we are summoned to jabba's court
Taylor: *follows into jabbas court*
Jenny: we see c3p0 and luke skywalker
Taylor: *talks to luke through mind control* think we can get out?
Jenny: luke replies yes i think we can
Jenny: but i need your help
Jenny: offer jabba immpodium annalite
Jenny: and then i'll attack first
Jenny: while he is distracted
Taylor: okay *goes up to jabba and offers him immpodium annalite*
Jenny: i kiss you for good luck before you do
Jenny: what a brave brave man i say
Taylor: *kisses back*
Jenny: all of a sudden three gamorean guards rush in and strap you down as your are brutally raped by jabba the hutt. Luke skywalker rushes in and save me and we get out alive while you spend the rest of your days as Jabba's buttslave
Jenny: No no i'm just kidding. Sorry I couldn't help it.
Taylor: -_-
Jenny: jabba is very irritated
Jenny: He starts shouting at his guards to take you for the offense you have committed
Jenny: luke attacks
Jenny: and then you take out your lightsaber
Jenny: and we fight our way out
Jenny: luke thanks you
Jenny: and leaves us alone in the desert
Jenny: ...
Jenny: ready to get creative
Jenny: it's hot I say
Jenny: thank you for saving me
Taylor: your welcome
Jenny: okay ur turn
Jenny: something creative
Taylor: ok *lays down*
Jenny: all of a sudden a group of easterlings rushes out and takes us prisoner
Jenny: we're alone in a dark tower
Jenny: ur turn
Taylor: okay this is getting on my nerves being taken
Jenny: all of a sudden the dark lord sauron rushes in and makes you his butt slave for all of eternity. Aragorn swoops in and saves me and we watch as you are brutally dragged away while being butt raped with a girth the size of a medieval battering ram
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