Will the real slim furry please stand up?
Guest_emowolf4lif: so whats up
Guest_emowolf4lif: nothin much
Guest_emowolf4lif: you
Guest_Bluebasse: same
Guest_emowolf4lif: sweet
Guest_Bluebasse: what i want to do though is cyber with some one... (sorry im a little horny)
Guest_emowolf4lif: lol its fine
Guest_Bluebasse: hehe
Guest_emowolf4lif: ill cyber with you
Guest_Bluebasse: awesome, yiff style or regular, since i dont know if your a furry
Guest_emowolf4lif: would you like to go first
Guest_emowolf4lif: i am
Guest_emowolf4lif: im a furry im a grape wolf
Guest_Bluebasse: sweet yiffy it is then
Guest_emowolf4lif: lol
Guest_emowolf4lif: alight
Guest_emowolf4lif: ~walks up to you and grabs you ass~
Guest_emowolf4lif: ~smiles sexily and kisses your neck softly~
Guest_Bluebasse: ~purs and gropes yours had~
Guest_Bluebasse: ~begins to massage your ass and then begins to lick your neck~
Guest_emowolf4lif: hehe that tickles
Guest_emowolf4lif: ~lifts your shirt alittle and rubbs your chest~
Guest_Bluebasse: your furr tickles to ~sneezes a snotty mess onto your face and neck~ I think i might be alergic to you
Guest_emowolf4lif: ewww nasty
Guest_Bluebasse: ~smiles at your hand on my chest and rubs your crotch slowly~
Guest_emowolf4lif: ~giggles~
Guest_Bluebasse: ~giggles back with a huge boner poking your leg~
Guest_emowolf4lif: ~smiles and takes your shirt off and pushes you to the wall and kisses you forcegully~
Guest_emowolf4lif: forcefully*
Guest_Bluebasse: ~kisses you back forcefully and rips your shirt off~
Guest_emowolf4lif: ~unbuttons your pants and rips them off~
Guest_emowolf4lif: ~smiles and kisses you more~
Guest_Bluebasse: Aw yeah, my dick feels like corn, aw yeah, give me the butter, GIVE ME TE BUTTER!~
Guest_emowolf4lif: lol
Guest_Bluebasse: ~I rip your pants off and bite your tight ass hard~
Guest_emowolf4lif: ~jumps alittle and smiles~
Guest_emowolf4lif: how bad do you want me
Guest_Bluebasse: ~begins to finger your furry ass while still biting~
Guest_emowolf4lif: ~moans alittle to wear you can berly hear it~
Guest_Bluebasse: ~graons loudly and rams my three inch piece of corn dick inside your ass and begin thusting you like a small dog~
Guest_emowolf4lif: ~moans alittle more~
Guest_Bluebasse: ~ I blow my load in seconds leaving your back sealtering in my butter semen~
Guest_emowolf4lif: O_O
Guest_emowolf4lif: omg
Guest_Bluebasse: OH SHIT! ~my corn dick swells up and and turns red~ I AM ALLERGIC TO YOU! ~sneezes a snotty glob on your back in the middle of my butter puddle
Guest_emowolf4lif: hey are you cuan or his friend????
Guest_emowolf4lif: your allergic to grape wolves
Guest_Bluebasse: ~sneezes again up your furry asshole~ OH JESUS, WHY?!
Guest_emowolf4lif: your allergic to my furr???
Guest_emowolf4lif: DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest_Bluebasse: ~sneezes agin in you ass hole~
Guest_emowolf4lif: what?!?!?!?!?!?
Guest_Bluebasse: ~takes and wipes my nose on your ass cheek~ WHY JESUS DOES IT SMELL LIKE LETTUCE?!
Guest_emowolf4lif: oh wow
Guest_Bluebasse: ~slams my head into your asshhole and sneezes again~
Guest_emowolf4lif: hey
Guest_emowolf4lif: GET YOU HEAD OUT OF MY ASS THEN
Guest_emowolf4lif: !!!!
Guest_Bluebasse: ~bitchslaps your ass hard~ WHY LETUCE WHY?!
Guest_emowolf4lif: OUCH >_< GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
uest_Bluebasse: WHY WAS A BORN A HERMAPHRODITE?! ~bitchslaps you ass again~ WHY?!
Guest_emowolf4lif: you dont even know who this is do you
Guest_Bluebasse: shitttt
Guest_Bluebasse: shit in my mouth
Guest_emowolf4lif:(HAS LEFT)
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