u cry but i fuck u ... u sex with me
vipin_garg80: hi
gotrekfirebeard: hi
vipin_garg80: h r u
gotrekfirebeard: not bad yourself?
vipin_garg80: asl please
gotrekfirebeard: 26 m france
vipin_garg80: bye
gotrekfirebeard: lmao
vipin_garg80: asl please
gotrekfirebeard: you just asked me dumb ass
vipin_garg80: means
gotrekfirebeard: what do you want.
vipin_garg80: asl please
gotrekfirebeard: I tolod yo ualready!!!!!!!
gotrekfirebeard: I told yo ualready!!!!!!!!
gotrekfirebeard: what is your fucking asl?????
vipin_garg80: no r ui m /f
gotrekfirebeard: IANSWERED YOU ALREADY!!!
gotrekfirebeard: GO AWAY LOSER
vipin_garg80: means
gotrekfirebeard: means fuck off
vipin_garg80: i not fuck u?
gotrekfirebeard: omg
gotrekfirebeard: ok loser what's your asl?
vipin_garg80: m 21
gotrekfirebeard: good now fuck off
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: good have fun !
vipin_garg80: r u m/f
gotrekfirebeard: Holy shit
gotrekfirebeard: ok I'm 22 F
vipin_garg80: where
gotrekfirebeard: OHIO
gotrekfirebeard: USA
gotrekfirebeard: AND U?
vipin_garg80: india
gotrekfirebeard: i'd have never guessed....
vipin_garg80: ok what u like
gotrekfirebeard: do you have a mic?
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: a cam?
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: a brain?
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: good use it and fuck off now
vipin_garg80: i fuck
gotrekfirebeard: yes, yo ufuck off, go away
vipin_garg80: where
gotrekfirebeard: a.... hell , a barrel of toxic waste, or the moon I don't care
vipin_garg80: what say yaar
gotrekfirebeard: yeha go to yaar , wherever that is, adn make sure you stay there
vipin_garg80: what say
vipin_garg80: what u want
gotrekfirebeard: your money
gotrekfirebeard: you have western union?
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: fuck off then
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: cool
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: ok?
vipin_garg80: what u like
gotrekfirebeard: I like you to fuck off
gotrekfirebeard: go and annoy someone else
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: ok?
gotrekfirebeard: good
vipin_garg80: then what bu want
gotrekfirebeard: YOu know wha tI want?
gotrekfirebeard: I want you to take a rope and hang yourself
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: please
gotrekfirebeard: I4ll be ncie if yo udo
gotrekfirebeard: I'll be nice if you do
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: ok? cool then do it now
vipin_garg80: first u
gotrekfirebeard: I might , yo uare so borring I wish I had a rope
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: are yo umarried?
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: so you don't want to marry me.
gotrekfirebeard: too bad
vipin_garg80: ok
vipin_garg80: i marry with u
gotrekfirebeard: yes?
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: In ohio we have a tradition though
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: if you want to marry a girl you have to get sodomized by a donkey
gotrekfirebeard: it hurts a bit
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: but it's very important
vipin_garg80: u like sex
gotrekfirebeard: would you respect my tradition?
gotrekfirebeard: would you do it?
vipin_garg80: ok
vipin_garg80: i respect all tradition
gotrekfirebeard: cool
gotrekfirebeard: then give it a try
vipin_garg80: i m cool
vipin_garg80: pk
gotrekfirebeard: oh yeah u are very cool
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: yeah yo uare, do you gay sex?
vipin_garg80: hello
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: aww what a shme
gotrekfirebeard: I lvoe a guy who does other guys
vipin_garg80: i like only tradional sex
gotrekfirebeard: like with donkeys?
vipin_garg80: not donkey only man
gotrekfirebeard: oh ok so man for sex is ok for you?
vipin_garg80: i fuck only lady like u
gotrekfirebeard: but i told you for my ttradition u have to be fucked by a donkey...you said it was ok. Yo uchanged your mind?
vipin_garg80: no
vipin_garg80: but i fuck u like donkey
gotrekfirebeard: no no that is not the tradition...bad boy
gotrekfirebeard: no frst the donkey fucks you then yo ufuck me ok?
vipin_garg80: but my tradition is that first fuck lady
gotrekfirebeard: ah so we can't be together, sorry
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: I'm very serious about tradtiions here
vipin_garg80: i m also
gotrekfirebeard: too bad I liked you , yo uare sooooo cool
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: are yo ugangsta?
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: why not? gangstas are soo hot. Would you become gangsta?
vipin_garg80: i hot
gotrekfirebeard: I only like gangstas who respect my traditions sorry
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: I'm so sad you won't do it with our village's 3donkey
vipin_garg80: no
gotrekfirebeard: his name is Rupert
gotrekfirebeard: he is nice
vipin_garg80: i m lion for u
gotrekfirebeard: whouhou a lion?
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: you roar?
vipin_garg80: u love sex
gotrekfirebeard: do you roar?
vipin_garg80: i m all if u love sex
gotrekfirebeard: do you do the chicken dance?
vipin_garg80: i love only sex & i want sex with u
vipin_garg80: if u agree then chat
vipin_garg80: ow go
gotrekfirebeard: oh you are pushign me away?
gotrekfirebeard: Iwill cry now, yo uhurt my feelings
vipin_garg80: u cry but i fuck u
gotrekfirebeard: oh you bad boy....
vipin_garg80: ya
vipin_garg80: kisssssssssssssssssssssss
gotrekfirebeard: buzz your ass asshole
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
gotrekfirebeard: kiss a donkey
vipin_garg80: i kiss u
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: what feel u
gotrekfirebeard: I feel sick
gotrekfirebeard: I'm gonna puke
vipin_garg80: y
vipin_garg80: my kiss is good
gotrekfirebeard: yes but u have bad breath
gotrekfirebeard: smell like you ate shit or something
vipin_garg80: ok tell u love sex
vipin_garg80: u sex with me
gotrekfirebeard: me sex u? u sex me? I have a hunchback sister
interested too?
vipin_garg80: but u interst
vipin_garg80: really
gotrekfirebeard: yeah sure, you like animals?
vipin_garg80: no i like u
gotrekfirebeard: squeal like a pig for me
vipin_garg80: no
vipin_garg80: if u sex with me then ur superior women
gotrekfirebeard: superiror? like wonderwoman?
vipin_garg80: ya
gotrekfirebeard: can i have her suit too?
vipin_garg80: ok
vipin_garg80: then u kiss me
gotrekfirebeard: mmmh no I'll give it a miss thanx
vipin_garg80: ok i kiss u
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kisssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kissssssssss
vipin_garg80: what feel u
gotrekfirebeard: I you kiss my pet pig's ass I'll kiss you ok?
vipin_garg80: ok
gotrekfirebeard: coooool
gotrekfirebeard: you are so cool
vipin_garg80: y
gotrekfirebeard: his name is Bahbud... can you kiss him, sweet please.
vipin_garg80: no i kiss u
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssssssss
vipin_garg80: kissssssssssssss
gotrekfirebeard: ok... I'm bored now
gotrekfirebeard: good bye
vipin_garg80: y
vipin_garg80: u not like love
gotrekfirebeard: not really I'm a guy... itold you already and you are just funny
vipin_garg80: if u chat with me on sex then u never boar
vipin_garg80: ok
vipin_garg80: i promise this is funy for u
gotrekfirebeard: look I'm a guy, a man, a block
gotrekfirebeard: I have balls and a dick ok?
vipin_garg80: ojk
gotrekfirebeard: bye bye
vipin_garg80: u fucky girl
gotrekfirebeard: I'm a man!!!
gotrekfirebeard: A MAN!!!!
gotrekfirebeard: I told you before in the very beginning
vipin_garg80: i never think
gotrekfirebeard: I TOLD YOU!!!
gotrekfirebeard: read the messages next time you moron!
vipin_garg80: but i never belive u
gotrekfirebeard: ok you want to see me?
vipin_garg80: no
vipin_garg80: i fuck u
gotrekfirebeard: no you don't lol
vipin_garg80: i have
gotrekfirebeard: lol
gotrekfirebeard: didn't feel a thing sorry...
vipin_garg80: lol gaya teri chut mai
gotrekfirebeard: yeha great
vipin_garg80: means
gotrekfirebeard: means?
vipin_garg80: u fuck wih me
gotrekfirebeard: no thanx
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