ovulates in your mouth
Kris: -starts to unzip John's pants with my teeth while I rub my nipples softly-
John: - i tilt my head back a bit and put my hand on your head as i feel it going down
Sam: sorry internet's messing with me -I rub my panties as I watch the two of you-
John: -i lay back on the bed and tell you sexcc girls to come here
Sam: -I crawl toward you like a tiger growling-
John: -mmm sexccc i bite my lip gentel and feeling my cock get hard as i feel you going up my leg
Kris: -takes your cock out and suprised by the size. I grasp your legs roughly and gnaw on your cock like a grizzely bear-
Sam: -I slide my hand up your inner theigh and slowly take off your pants-
John: - i look at the both of you as i tilt back on the pillow grasping on the blankets
Kris: -takes off own pants and starts to slowly chew harder on the sensitive head of the cock-
John: -i moan a lil bit and lift my arm up and swifly slide my hand threw your hair as i tug a lil
Sam: -I start to grasp your balls and suck on Kris's nipple-
Kris: -moans lightly and rubs myself through my pantis on the shaft of youor cock-
Sam: -I slide my panties off and start to climb on top of you trying not to disturb Kris- -I start to kiss your lips lightly and moan-
John: i grab your tities softly and sqeezing them harder pulling you close to my mouth
Kris: -moans and slides my panties off as my juices drip onto the floor as I rub my wet pussy on the side of your leg, rough and wildly-
John: -i pull you close and make you sit on my face as a slide my toung on your clit -having your juices slide down my toung
Kris: -ovulates in your mouth-
John: - puting my hands on both of your legs pushing you down on my mouth
Sam: I summon the teeth from my pussy and take a chuck from your bottom lip leaving only teeth and blood squirting-
John: that is very sexccc
Kris: -grows bear teeth and bear arms and tears your dick off and shoving it down your throat while summoning beavers who begin to build a damn in your ass-
Sam: -I extend my claws and show my fangs as I tear yous arms off and gnaw on them, relentlessly-
John: is this shit turning you on or somthing lol
Kris: -Begins to move the fur around my crotch to reveal a giant penis which thens starts shooting out wristwatches that explode into optimus primes who then fly to the moon with random parts of yourbody-
Sam: -I rip off your nipples and scream 'I am the nipple fairy" and start to claw furociously into your chest to reveal your heart. I then take your heart, feed it to Kris, whip out my 13 inch cock and start fucking your ass till it rips to shreds leaving nothing but a bloody carcass with semen everywhere-
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