It's hard to talk when ...
mrpiercings: huh
deanomatic: kk i have a proposition for you
deanomatic: ure ballsac
deanomatic: my mouth
deanomatic: right now
deanomatic: u better clench ure ass cheeks or im gunna give it to you hard you dirty slave
deanomatic: im gunna make a ham sandwhich on ure ass u hot mother fucker
deanomatic: im gunna fill you with hot cream
deanomatic: and ure going to scream for me to stop but you know deep down inside u want more
deanomatic: soo yess or no?
mrpiercings: def not
deanomatic: come on
deanomatic: let me play a few songs on ure skin flute
deanomatic: i havnt washed my ass in a while u can eat cheetos out of there
mrpiercings: gross
deanomatic: i dont wipe just so u know
mrpiercings: ok, you need to stop talking
deanomatic: shove a cock in my mouth then
deanomatic: its hard for me to talk when i chocking on ure shaft
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