As long as I don't have to touch your penis.
Stranger: helloo
Stranger: wats up
You: Would you be intrested in obtaining some AIDS?
Stranger: oh yes ofcourse!
You: Awesome I'll send your ticket for 1 Free set of AIDS immediately then!
Stranger: ok
You: Alright,Would you like HIV,Regular AIDS or new improved "@IDS"?
Stranger: YES ofcourse
You: Now the last one comes with Hepatitis A,and D so thats a 20% chance of death,For an extra 15$ we can change it to A&C
Stranger: but sorry im from finland i dont know what to say thix is hard for me
You: Thats ok,AIDS loves everyone equally,We also offer rape?
Stranger: ok
Stranger: yes
You: Ok then that will be 1 additional you gonna get raped package
Stranger: ok
You: So then you will touch my penis?
Stranger: omg you are crazy
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