Not a sexchat, but they plug the site.
Stranger: heyyyy :)
You: Hello...
Stranger: micheal jackson died on my birthday
You: Cool, I wish he had died on my birthday.
You: No, wait, I wish I had killed him on my birthday.
Stranger: thats soo fuckin rude
You: I'm a perfect gentleman, douchebag.
Stranger: ah :( im not a douchbag!
You: Oh, but you are.
Stranger: no im nottt
You: Sorry to break it to ya.
Stranger: how am i the douche here?
You: Well, you swore, with absolutely no provocation.
You: God hates people who swear.
Stranger: and u said u wanted to kill big Mike!
Stranger: God hates murderers!
You: And he will smite you unbelievers.
You: But he forgives me cause I said please.
Stranger: lmao
You: What?
You: You think I'm not being serious?
Stranger: he'll forgive me if i ask for forgiveness too!
You: The internets is serious fucking business.
You: But I asked him not to forgive you.
Stranger: why would u do that? :((
You: And God grants all wishes.
You: Because it pleases me.
Stranger: jeez
Stranger: ur mean :(
You: Nope, I'm pretty nice compared to most people on the internets.
Stranger: no u rnt :(
You: Plus I'm Christian, so I'm automatically better thatn you
Stranger: 1st u said u wanted to kill micheal, then u called me a
Stranger: now ur claiming to be a christian.. which i find hilarious
You: Yes, but God totally forgives me.
You: Read the Bible, man.
Stranger: i do read the bible!
Stranger: imma preacher's kid
You: Heck, technically, pooping is a sin.
Stranger: lmao
You: I mean, WTF is up with that?
You: Also, bestiality is a sin.
Stranger: what is that?!
You: Also, so is reading books that have magic stuff in them.
You: Harry Potter = sin
Stranger: ohh yeah!
You: Lord of the Rings = sin
Stranger: i knew that.. witchcraft stuff
Stranger: is all considered sinful
You: Twilight = sin and it's an abomination.
Stranger: yeahh cause of the vampire stuff
You: Also, eating meat on Fridays = sin.
You: Working on Sundays = sin.
Stranger: wait.. no
Stranger: seriously?
You: Swearing = sin
Stranger: omgggg
You: And yes, seriously.
Stranger: dont do that!
Stranger: G damn is against the 10 commandments
You: This is all taken straight from the Bible.
You: Which is odd.
Stranger: yeahh totally!
Stranger: imagain what its like being a preachr's kid!
Stranger: pure hell
You: Uh huh, I'm sure.
You: Imagine being the Pope's son!
You: I have it rough.
Stranger: but im considered to be "bad" =/
Stranger: roflmao!!!
You: Hmmm?
Stranger: duuude
Stranger: ur kidding
You: No, I'm completely serious dood.
Stranger: whats ur name?
You: Why would I lie on the internets?
You: And my name is Benedict the two-hundreth.
Stranger: rofl
Stranger: how odl r u ?
Stranger: old
You: I'll be four tomorrow.
Stranger: ROFL
You: What?
Stranger: ohh nothingg
Stranger: ur daddy rapes u.. doesnt he? :(
Stranger: its ok to tell someone
You: Nope, but he bones my sister all the time.
Stranger: aww man =/
You: Sometimes he lets me have a turn.
You: So it's not all bad
Stranger: bahahahahahaha
Stranger: omg u are hilarious
You: What? My life amuses you?
Stranger: ohh definately!
You: Well, thanks then.
Stranger: lol y do u bone ur sis!! thats.. gross yo!
You: Nah, it's great! Two year olds are so tight!
You: It rocks my socks.
Stranger: ahhhhahahah
You: Well, I'm getting bored...
Stranger: holy crap.. my stomach hurts from laughin so hard
Stranger: NO!
Stranger: pls dont leave
Stranger: i wanna know more about ur life!!
You: Why should I be the only one to entertain you?
Stranger: causee!! ur funny!!!
Stranger: if u leave then i'll die :(
You: Well, that's not a valid arguement.
You: Sorry buddy...
Stranger: yesss it isss!! D=
You: But...
Stranger: no!
You: If you want some lulz...
Stranger: dont push that button!
You: Type bloodninja into google.
You: And click the first one.
You: They're all hilarious chat logs.
Stranger: lol ok
You: We're even now.
Stranger: thankkk youuu :)
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