We're superpals!
Jessicahollerlol: hi
Jessenator: hey
Jessicahollerlol: whats up?
Jessenator: nothing much, just eating some fish
Jessicahollerlol: ok
Jessenator: its delicious
Jessenator: what about you?
Jessicahollerlol: nothing really
Jessicahollerlol: im jesscia by the way
Jessenator: woah I'm Jesse
Jessicahollerlol: lol
Jessenator: thats mad nuts.
Jessicahollerlol: i souposse
Jessicahollerlol: nice to meet you jesse
Jessenator: thank you
Jessenator: nice to meet you as well
Jessenator: we are more than friends
Jessicahollerlol: just guesing but the states right?
Jessenator: wer are superpals
Jessenator: yeah
Jessicahollerlol: england
Jessenator: oh nice
Jessicahollerlol: thanks
Jessenator: what do you do in england?
Jessicahollerlol: umm
Jessicahollerlol: what do you do?
Jessenator: lots of stuff
Jessicahollerlol: same
Jessenator: I killed a guy once
Jessicahollerlol: ok
Jessenator: what about you?
Jessicahollerlol: sorta the same
Jessenator: really?
Jessicahollerlol: yep
Jessicahollerlol: sorta
Jessenator: interesting. i didn't think anyone else was into that craziness
Jessicahollerlol: lol
Jessicahollerlol: im 19 by the way
Jessicahollerlol: youreself?
Jessenator: 18
Jessicahollerlol: cool
Jessenator: yup
Jessenator: want me?
Jessicahollerlol: depends how big you are
Jessenator: 5 and a half inches
Jessicahollerlol: yes
Jessicahollerlol: yes i do
Jessenator: do you have a paypal
Jessicahollerlol: i have a pic
Jessenator: not the same
Jessicahollerlol: ##censored## http://s893.photobucket.com/albums/ac140/jessicahollerlol/?action=view&current=meandafreind.jpg
Jessicahollerlol: im to the up
Jessenator: nice
Jessicahollerlol: thanks
Jessenator: i would give you the boner basher
Jessicahollerlol: i would definitely take it
Jessenator: how do you like it?
Jessicahollerlol: fast and rough
Jessicahollerlol: you?
Jessenator: I hate it when they bruise my pube zone
Jessicahollerlol: sounds hot
Jessicahollerlol: you mind fucking in the ass?
Jessenator: but there’s poop in there
Jessicahollerlol: good
Jessicahollerlol: cause this gorl lover her anal
Jessicahollerlol: *girl
Jessenator: i've only done anal once but it hurt my butt
Jessicahollerlol: well looks like ill be youre second
Jessenator: I hate it when history repeats itself
Jessicahollerlol: i want to see you and youre big dick
Jessenator: i want to see your thingy too
Jessicahollerlol: youd cum for me wouldnt you?
Jessenator: if you dress like an indian
Jessicahollerlol: id love too
Jessicahollerlol: tell me though
Jessicahollerlol: was 5 inches a measurement?
Jessicahollerlol: did you measure?
Jessenator: guestimate
Jessicahollerlol: great
Jessenator: do you like big poles
Jessicahollerlol: yes
Jessicahollerlol: huge
Jessicahollerlol: like you
Jessenator: have you lost your virginia thing
Jessicahollerlol: 4 times
Jessicahollerlol: you?
Jessenator: like 72 thousand times
Jessicahollerlol: nice
Jessenator: have you ever got the indigo ass wand
Jessicahollerlol: no
Jessenator: really?
Jessicahollerlol: yep
Jessenator: english guys must be assholes
Jessicahollerlol: sometimes
Jessicahollerlol: i make you cum
Jessicahollerlol: once or twice
Jessenator: would you sit on my lap when i was naked
Jessicahollerlol: hell yeah
Jessenator: i hope you don’t break it
Jessicahollerlol: i hope I would
Jessicahollerlol: im on the pill to
Jessicahollerlol: you know what that means?
Jessicahollerlol: no condom
Jessenator: im not sure I follow
Jessicahollerlol: also
Jessicahollerlol: you can cum as much as you want
Jessicahollerlol: wherever you want ;)
Jessenator: even in the lungs. that would rock
Jessicahollerlol: yeah it would
Jessicahollerlol: id suck you dry
Jessicahollerlol: cause i have datt ass
Jessicahollerlol: lol
Jessenator: i would punch you in the butt for hours with my dick fist
Jessicahollerlol: id enjoy every second
Jessenator: id use sorcery to make unholy things happen to your clitoris
Jessenator: i'd have you climbing the walls for something to hang onto
Jessicahollerlol: mmmm
Jessicahollerlol: just call me spider-girl
Jessicahollerlol: ;)
Jessenator: i got some webbing for you
Jessicahollerlol: the cans nice and big right/
Jessicahollerlol: *?
Jessenator: can?
Jessicahollerlol: err
Jessicahollerlol: nevermind
Jessicahollerlol: badjoke
Jessenator: like soup? you can call me the food share
Jessenator: yeah i got enough to last us a while
Jessicahollerlol: good
Jessicahollerlol: cause im looking to do some swinging
Jessicahollerlol: ok im sorry that was horrible
Jessenator: and im dr. octopuss
Jessenator: i have 8 dicks
Jessenator: with blades on them
Jessenator: and i'll use them to tear your face off
Jessicahollerlol: i dont know what to say there
Jessenator: you can call me the green goblin
Jessenator: because i'll be goblin your ass up all night
Jessicahollerlol: mmm sounds yummy :)
Jessenator: you can be uncle ben, because i'll shoot you in the chest
Jessenator: with my jizz
Jessicahollerlol: ok lets stop with the spider inuendo
Jessenator: but then the sandman will emerge from your pubes
Jessenator: oh no! you have crabs!
Jessicahollerlol: ?
Jessenator: lets just hope you don't have Venom
Jessenator: loller loller
Jessicahollerlol: lol
Jessicahollerlol: so
Jessicahollerlol: ever cyberd before?
Jessenator: like fucking a robot. Shit yes!
Jessicahollerlol: did you like it?
Jessenator: no
Jessicahollerlol: mind having some with me?
Jessenator: not at all
Jessicahollerlol: you start big boy
Jessicahollerlol: (im in my underware btw)
Jessenator: whats the situation
Jessicahollerlol: what you mean?
Jessenator: is there a scenario or anything or are we just fucking
Jessicahollerlol: well youre starting
Jessicahollerlol: so you decide
Jessenator: ok
Jessenator: after a long fight on the brooklyn bridge Norman Osbourne, the green goblin is finally dead
Jessenator: so Spiderman returns home to find Mary Jane waiting for him in her underwear
Jessenator: I kiss your cheek with tongue
Jessicahollerlol: *i take off youre mask*
Jessicahollerlol: did you think thad kiss would hold me?
Jessenator: i don't know what your talking about. im gonna touch your boobies now
Jessicahollerlol: lol
Jessicahollerlol: ok
Jessenator: i lick face and nose and boobs and stuff
Jessenator: launching my tongue at you. this is gonna hurt.
Jessicahollerlol: ohhhh
Jessenator: whats wrong?
Jessicahollerlol: nothing
Jessicahollerlol: it just feels good
Jessenator: oh. dont scare me like that.
Jessenator: i just murdered my best friends dad, so it's understandable that i'm a little shaken
Jessicahollerlol: true...
Jessenator: i look at my hands, wondering what the odds are that i dodged the glider
Jessenator: I could be a squished spider right now
Jessicahollerlol: *i kiss youre neck* but baby youre not
Jessicahollerlol: youre here
Jessicahollerlol: with me
Jessenator: can you hear my thoughts?
Jessenator: oh my god.
Jessenator: you're mysterio in disguise
Jessicahollerlol: you spoke outloud
Jessenator: morph back to your true form, villain
Jessicahollerlol: (wtf are you doing?)
Jessenator: *punches you in the face, shattering your nose in a bloody, boney mess
Jessenator: what have you done with mary jane?
Jessicahollerlol: AGH!
Jessicahollerlol: PETTER!
Jessicahollerlol: ITS ME!
Jessicahollerlol: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?
Jessenator: i'm really sorry i broke your nose
Jessicahollerlol: well petter too bad
Jessenator: I'm still horny
Jessicahollerlol: what the hell where you doing?
Jessenator: I'm sorry. You heard my thoughts and I assumed the worst.
Jessicahollerlol: no
Jessicahollerlol: you spoke them out loud
Jessenator: could it be that you have gained a superpower
Jessenator: battle meditation!
Jessenator: lvl up!
Jessicahollerlol: ?
Jessicahollerlol: sereously
Jessicahollerlol: what the hell are you doing?
Jessenator: ok, you get 2 jedi feats to choose from
Jessicahollerlol: ....
Jessicahollerlol: kotor? wtf?
Jessenator: 6 skill points
Jessicahollerlol: would you just fuck me already?
Jessicahollerlol: youre losing youre chance
Jessenator: ok, autolevel up
Jessenator: you got stuck with some lame shit
Jessenator: ok, what position do you want it in
Jessicahollerlol: doggy
Jessicahollerlol: fuck me like the bitch i am
Jessenator: ok, wraps hands around my own ass while while i try to get hard
Jessenator: i left my costume on so i have to get my dick hard enough to tear through the bullet proof silk
Jessicahollerlol: can we drop the scenario and fuck?
Jessicahollerlol: please?
Jessenator: yeah
Jessicahollerlol: thank you
Jessenator: so I come home from a hard day at work at the daily bugle
Jessenator: to await my mary jane, my hot neighbor, on the couch
Jessenator: "Hey MJ, what's up?"
Jessicahollerlol: "oh peter ive been thinking of you all day"
Jessenator: "oh really now?" said peter, "How about we head up to my room"
Jessicahollerlol: "shure thing"
Jessenator: Peter akwardly walks up the stair, with Mary Jane trailing a few feet behind him. Peter struggles to stretch his slacks enough to walk due to the largest erection he's ever sustained.
Jessenator: Will this mean the end of our heroes virginity?
Jessenator: "It's not much, but I sleep here lol" Peter blurted
Jessicahollerlol: "its okay its got a bed what more do you need?"
Jessicahollerlol: i lie on the bed
Jessenator: "What more do I need?" Peter pondered "What more do any of us need?"
Jessenator: "I've got the perfect life. A hot girlfriend, I'm loved all over the world, all I'd have to do to claim my fortune is give up the only thing I have left."
Jessenator: A single tear streamed down his cheek.
Jessenator: "I just..."
Jessenator: "I just want to make them proud." Peter let out a deep sob.
Jessenator: He'd clearly been holding these emotions in for years.
Jessicahollerlol: ....
Jessicahollerlol: *i get up and hug you*
Jessenator: With one quick, agile motion, Peter shoots his right arm up at a 90 degree angle, hitting Mary Jane right in the nose in reaction to his spider sense.
Jessicahollerlol: *falls over*
Jessicahollerlol: agh!
Jessenator: "Oh my god" shouted Peter "Are you alright"
Jessicahollerlol: OK I GET THE MESSAGE
Jessicahollerlol: YOU DONT WANT TO CYBER
Jessenator: "Please, don't go"
Jessicahollerlol: *i start to walk to the door*
Jessenator: "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me" Peter shouted "You Startled me"
Jessenator: In the instant Mary Jane was about to open the door, Peter instinctively shot a load of web at the door, sealing it shut.
Jessicahollerlol: ...
Jessenator: "I..I..." Peter struggled to find words to say.
Jessicahollerlol: *stares at petter*
Jessenator: This was his deepest secret. Now someone would know it was him along.
Jessicahollerlol: ...
Jessenator: "Mary Jane,"
Jessicahollerlol: yes?
Jessenator: "I am..."
Jessenator: "I am Spiderman"
Jessicahollerlol: you...
Jessicahollerlol: are..
Jessicahollerlol: SPIDERMAN?!
Jessenator: "Wow."
Jessenator: "Way to repeat exactly what I said" Peter snarled in a clearly adjetated voice
Jessicahollerlol: ...
Jessicahollerlol: peter..
Jessenator: "Let's get it on, woman"
Jessicahollerlol: *backs into corner*
Jessicahollerlol: youre..youre not peter..
Jessenator: Peter shoots a string of web, snatching Mary Jane and webbing her to the bed.
Jessicahollerlol: *screams*
Jessenator: Peter then removes his Spider Man costume from it's Hollocaust trunk and puts it on.
Jessicahollerlol: peter.. what are you doing..
Jessenator: "Let's see the city" Peter enthusiasticly said "In style"
Jessenator: Spider Man reached into his pocket and put on some 90's era sunglasses
Jessenator: "Let's go" he said, while he grabbed Mary Jane, holding her tightly, and swung out the window.
Jessenator: "Where to, MJ?"
Jessicahollerlol: just... put me down..
Jessenator: "Did somebody say Internation House of Pancakes?" Peter yelled as he continued to climb higher into the air
Jessicahollerlol: peter! just put me down!
Jessenator: "Know who the last girl who snapped at me was" Peter asked retorically "Gwen Stacy. Gwen muthafuckin Stacy"
Jessicahollerlol: but..
Jessicahollerlol: shes..
Jessenator: "Look, we're here" Spiderman set Mary Jane down on the roof of the worlds tallest IHOP and headed inside.
Jessenator: As MJ and Spiderman enter, nobody is star struck "Ah, Spidey!" The waiter shouts "The usual I presume"
Jessicahollerlol: usual?
Jessenator: "You got it Roger. And one half order of waffles for my lady friend. She's heavy enough as it is"
Jessenator: The patrons of the restaurant laughed hysterically.
Jessenator: "What to drink, Spidey" a waitress asked
Jessenator: "I'll take the pumpkin pie shake" Peter said "And two apple martinis for MJ"
Jessenator: An attractive woman at the table next to him seductively walked over and put her hand on Peters shoulder.
Jessenator: "Hey spidey, I got a question for ya" she said
Jessenator: "Does pussy taste like pumpkin pie?"
Jessenator: "Woman!" Peter shouted "I'm god damn Spiderman"
Jessenator: "I ain't never had no pumpkin pie"
Jessenator: The crowd laughed so hard that they shook the building
Jessicahollerlol: *mumbels to herlself* its gotta be a dream
Jessicahollerlol: its just gotta be
Jessenator: Peter Snarled "If you say a word about who I..."
Jessenator: The restaurant manager interrupted "Eyyy, Spidey. We'd be honored if you would have the pleasure of performing one of you songs for us this evening"
Jessenator: "Nah, fellas, I really can't." Peter rejected "I've got my gee eff with me and I wouldn't want to embarass her"
Jessenator: "What do you say MJ" He said in a louder than normal voice.
Jessicahollerlol: i...
Jessenator: he then whispered "Keep in mind, you mess up you pay with your life"
Jessicahollerlol: ...
Jessicahollerlol: i think one song wouldnt hurt
Jessenator: "How about it" the manager yelled "Who wantsa hear a song by the Spidey and the Arachniphobes?"
Jessenator: The crowd loudly cheered "Alright" Peter said "I guess I could do one"
Jessenator: He walked to the stage, smiling at all the patrons, but turning to Mary Jane and giving her the ol' I'm-gonna-slit-yer-throat motion.
Jessenator: Fog filled the stage
Jessicahollerlol: *sinks in her seat*
Jessenator: Two purple spot lights pierce the clouds of smoke.
Jessenator: electric drum rhythms heat the room
Jessicahollerlol: let me gues
Jessenator: Peter rocks back and forth, holding his giant glass guitar
Jessicahollerlol: spectaculer spider man
Jessenator: "Woman" He interrupts the song shouting "Not another word if you want to see 2012"
Jessenator: The crowd laughed, not knowing he actually had intentions of muder.
Jessenator: The music starts back up again.
Jessenator: "When I start makin love, I don't just make love"
Jessenator: "I be strokin" Peter sang as he rocked back and forth
Jessenator: "I be strokin"
Jessicahollerlol: *sinks in her seat more*
Jessenator: "I stroke it to the east, and I stroke it to the West"
Jessenator: "I stroke it to the wuhhman that I lovah best. I be strokin"
Jessenator: Peter stepped off the stage with the mic still in his hand
Jessenator: "Let me ask you somethin" he said while motioning to the crowd "What time of the day do you like to make love"
Jessenator: "Have you ever made love just before breakfast" a few members of the crowd cheered
Jessenator: "Have you ever made love while you watched the late, late show-hooo" a few more crowd members shouted
Jessenator: "Well lemme ask you this," he pondered "Have you ever made love on a couch"
Jessenator: "well lemme ask you this" he again asked the crowd "Have you ever made love on the back seat of a car?"
Jessenator: A few outspoken members shouted and clapped crassly.
Jessenator: "I made love on the back seat of a car once" several audience members whistled suggestively at Mary Jane
Jessenator: "And the po-lice came and shined his light on me."
Jessenator: "And I said, I'm Strokin!"
Jessenator: Peter air humped toward Mary Jane
Jessicahollerlol: *just stares at the ground*
Jessenator: Peter then jumped on top of the table, grabbing Mary
Jane's head and thrusting at it. The crowd whistled and wooed.
Jessenator: "I stroke it to the North, and I stroke it to the South, I stroke it everywhere! I even stroke it with my"
Jessenator: "WOOO" Peter said while kicking up in the air
Jessenator: "I be Strokin"
Jessenator: "MJ, come sing a verse with me" Peter yelled
Jessicahollerlol: peter you know i dont know the words
Jessenator: Peter strutted gleefully to Mary Janes table "That was not an option, bitch." he angrily whispered through his clenched teeth.
Jessenator: "If you do not sing this we are going to have a problem"
Jessicahollerlol: peter.. please.. she said with tear in her eyes
Jessenator: Peter smiles to the crowd, doing the Jesse go-go dance and puts the microphone to Mary Jane's mouth.
Jessicahollerlol: *sings verse trying not to sob*
Jessenator: "I thought she said she didn't know the words" one audience member yells
Jessenator: "Yeah, what kind of a scam are you runnin here, Pedro" another one shouts to the manager
Jessenator: "This is a bunch of bullshit. Are we just gonna take this?" A colored audience member says
Jessenator: the crowd gathers pitchforks and torches, chanting "KILL THE GINGER"
Jessicahollerlol: *backs up in her seat*
Jessenator: The crowd rushes at you. There is a window to the NORTH,
the stage is to the EAST, the kitchen it to the WEST. What do you do?
Jessicahollerlol: ...
Jessicahollerlol: thats it im out
Jessenator: no, baby
Jessenator: please it was just getting good
Jessicahollerlol: well drop the fucking games!
Jessenator: 15 seconds
Jessenator: 5 seconds
Jessenator: 3
Jessenator: 2
Jessenator: 1
Jessenator: A pitchfork pierces your throat, killing you.
Jessenator: Silence overwhelms the room.
Jessenator: "Now that's what I call a sloppy eater!" Spiderman uttered.
Jessenator: The crowd threw down their pitchforks and torches in utter hilarity.
Jessenator: The carpet catches on fire, the crowd is terrified
Jessenator: Spiderman grabs his backpack, strapping it on
Jessenator: "Gotta Jet!" He yells to the crowd as his jet back ignites and he is blasted through the roof
Jessicahollerlol: you had to push it didnt you?
Jessenator: "See you in space, New York!"
Jessicahollerlol: ive given you 3 chanses now
Jessicahollerlol: thats it
Jessenator: no, baby
Jessicahollerlol: youve struck out
Jessenator: I may have struck out
Jessenator: But I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.
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