Surprise Partners.
ginganinja888: 23 m california
rockinhotniki: 20 f ohio
rockinhotniki: fuck?
ginganinja888: yes
ginganinja888: best question ever
ginganinja888: tell me what you look like ohio
rockinhotniki: blonde hair, blue jeans, blue eyes, teeshirt
ginganinja888: how tall? how much do you weigh?
ginganinja888: how big are your tits?
rockinhotniki: 130 lb
rockinhotniki: 5'8"
rockinhotniki: 29-22-30
ginganinja888: damn you sound sexy
rockinhotniki: :D
ginganinja888: im 6 ft, 175 lbs athletic, brown hair, green eyes
ginganinja888: 7 inch cock
rockinhotniki: :DDDD
rockinhotniki: lets get movin
rockinhotniki: cant be horny all day
ginganinja888: get it hard for me
rockinhotniki: i take off your pants
rockinhotniki: i start licking your cock
ginganinja888: take off your shirt
ginganinja888: and play with your nipples
rockinhotniki: i start sucking your cock
ginganinja888: i pull back your hair so i can watch you work my hard cock
ginganinja888: you are good
ginganinja888: it feels so good on my cock
rockinhotniki: oral?
ginganinja888: fuck yes
rockinhotniki: i take off my pants
rockinhotniki: i shove my schlong so far down your throat it chokes you to death
rockinhotniki: i take your body and have my way with it
rockinhotniki: floyd mayweather joins me and uses your body as a practice dummy
[ginganinja888 has signed off]
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