Not very original but whatever.
Audience: hi there
Wannabe: hi
Audience: male/female?
Wannabe: female
Wannabe: 19 Denmark
Audience: cool
Audience: i'm 22m Indonesia
Audience: how's it goin?
Wannabe: nice
Wannabe: yeah... nice XD
Audience: me too
Audience: what's your name?
Wannabe: Hildy
Audience: oh that's sweet
Wannabe: yeah
Audience: mine's hendry
Wannabe: you wanny cyber?
Wannabe: wanna
Audience: why not
Audience: haha
Wannabe: I want
Audience: what time there?
Wannabe: 09:51 in the morning
Audience: i see
Audience: so, cyber in the morning..
Wannabe: just asking
Wannabe: if you want
Wannabe: I mean, I also drink beer in the morning
Audience: then the answer is yes
Wannabe: cool XD
Audience: wow cool i love beer
Wannabe: me too^^
Wannabe: so... you start^^
Audience: are u horny?
Wannabe: yeah
Audience: cool
Audience: your turn
Wannabe: ok^^
Wannabe: actually, I asked you to start before, but ok XD
Audience: okay.. actually i don't know the rules :)
Audience: tell me how to play lol
Wannabe: ok, no prob
Wannabe: so, I say something like "I'm sitting on the bed, waiting for
you" and you say "I walk towards you and you start undressing slowly"
Audience: okay..
Wannabe: and then like... "after I finished undressing, you start touching me gently"
Audience: let's start something unusual ;)
Wannabe: ok
Wannabe: what are you into?
Audience: i'm in the garden..
Audience: kinda hippies here haha
Audience: and naked, waiting for you
Audience: so? i have to complete it or yours?
Wannabe: sorry, I was afk for a sec
Audience: no prob
Audience: so?
Wannabe: ok, I continue now, I'm from Denmark, so sometimes I have to think before I can write something in english
Wannabe: so...
Wannabe: I ram you, knocking you on the ground, I kick you till you lie on your stomach and ram a shovel in your ass
Wannabe: yeah that's hot baby
Wannabe: I start spitting and kicking your face
Wannabe: I undress and take a shit on you body
Wannabe: ohh... this makes me so wet...
Wannabe: while furiously fingering myself, I take out my hunting knife and start sawing your penis off
Wannabe: I want your dick
Wannabe: I'm gonna pin it up my wall
Wannabe: Ahh yes, I have your dick know
Wannabe: I push your face in the mud and wait for you to die
Audience: geez, that's mad haha
Wannabe: I'm gonna eat your dead body and bath in your blood
Wannabe: Ohhh... this is so hot
Wannabe: are you still with me, baby?
Audience: wow that's strange
Wannabe: you think so?
Wannabe: for me it's just a normal fantasy
Wannabe: maybe we should try something else, if this bothers you
Audience: okay..
Audience: let's try something normal
Wannabe: I'm so close to orgasming now
Wannabe: ok
Audience: tell me about your body
Wannabe: My nipples are erect like bullets and my pussy is dripping with juice
Wannabe: I'm so horny for you, baby
Audience: that's great
Wannabe: ok
Audience: do u count your orgasm?
Wannabe: you then pin me down the bed
Wannabe: yeah
Wannabe: you start undressing and climbing on top of me
Wannabe: I open my mouth and you take a shit in my mouth
Wannabe: ohhhh... that's so sexy
Wannabe: I then take out my bonesaw and start sawing your leg of
Wannabe: off
Wannabe: oh yeah baby
Wannabe: I grab my hammer and start smashing your teeth
Wannabe: I start pulling out your hair and eat them
Wannabe: ahhh
Wannabe: I try to rip off your ears and nose
Wannabe: I lick your eyeballs out
Wannabe: I stab your stomach furiously and grab your organs
Wannabe: I pull them out and take a shower in your blood
Wannabe: ohhh yes
Wannabe: everything is a bloody mess
Wannabe: yeah
Wannabe: ... I just came
Audience: wow
Wannabe: did you like it?
Audience: well, i think that's mad lol
Wannabe: I guess you're not as normal as me then, piss off you weirdp
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