i am a come after u
You: I curiously approach, looking to see if you're male or
Stranger: m u ?
You: Um, what's a mu?
Stranger: male you?
You: Oh, I'm a female.
Stranger: oh finaly u sho ?
You: I not sho what you're talking about. I pick up a screwdriver
and stick it in your eye.
Stranger: oh ok :)
You: You squee in pain as I pull on your crotch as hard as I can,
finally ripping it off. I feed on the river of blood flowing from
between your legs.
You: I cackle maniacly as I pick up my 45 centimetre axe and chop your
right arm off.
You: Seeing you in such a miserable state, my nipples get hard. I
begin to touch myself.
Stranger: damn u fuckin crazy
You: I slap you on your fucking face holding a spiked bracelet. Please
don't talk while I'm having an erection.
You: I take out some scissors from my bag and take hold of your ear
with my other hand. I slowly cut it off and put my mouth over the
flowing blood coming out from where your ear was.
You: Ah, that feels good..
Stranger: k good luck with that its my turn now bitch
You: I cut off your second arm with my screwdriver slowly and
Stranger: ok first of all u dont know who u talkin to at all but i do
since i do ill tell u whts ur name ur adress an i am a come after u
after k so good luck bitch :)
Stranger: u think u could mess with everybody not me bitch
You: I pick up my scissors once more and cut off your tongue.
You: Shut the fuck up, whore. You're mine now.
[Your conversational partner has disconnected.]
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