Shut up, I'll be done in a minute!
You: tell me about your dirtiest sexual fantasy.
Stranger: Milf?
You: go on..
Stranger: Are you a chick
You: yes.
Stranger: Aight
Stranger: Hang on a sec.. I'll write it
You: thank you :)
Stranger: I walked into her house with a dress coat on. She was a
blonde in a stunning red dress
Stranger: She grabbed me by the tie and dragged me on top of her.... On her bed
You: i'm listening :)
Stranger: I slowly slip my hand behind her and unzipped the dress
Stranger: She quickly unbuttons my shirts and feels might tight abs and muscular arms
Stranger: She's left with bra and panties on and slowly unzips my pants
Stranger: Shall I go on?
You: you shall, if it gets a tad more interesting.. not too dirty thus far ^^'
Stranger: I'm left with just my tie
Stranger: It gets even more heated and I unstrap her bra
Stranger: I get up to her chest and fit my cock between her two boobs
You: hott.
Stranger: Then suddenly I cum onto her chest.. Cum Is ALL over
You: yum..
Stranger: She grabs the 10-incher and shoves it in her mouth.. Up and down, up and down
Stranger: Your turn.....
You: that was all? :(
Stranger: Well sorrrryyyy
You: it was like, a big build-up, and when it was getting to the good part it ended
Stranger: I worked hard at that lol
You: XD it's ok, I liked it
Stranger: Lol what's your name
You: ok.. I'm at a dark forest.
You: I don't know how I ended up here, but I'm trying to find my way out when I suddenly hear a familiar whisper surrounding the place
You: "Saraaaahhh!" (lame i know, sorry, that's my name)
Stranger: Haha it's fine
You: someone comes up to me. he seems all black.
You: I get scared
You: and I use teleport
[You have disconnected.]
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