I use teleport.
<them>: i gota tell the truth for 24 hours- 17 m ireland - thinkin
bout havin a wank
<me>: Yahtzee, I win!
<them>: kewl
<them>: u get to wank then
<me>: i gota lie for 24 hours- 20 f usa thinkin about wankin an irish
<them>: wow im sooo in
<me>: i unzip my pants slowly...
<me>: then pull out my dick and rub it against yours. you scream like a
little girl.
<them>: if u had a cock dat would b ok
<them>: hah sorri
<me>: our hard cocks tremble as we make lightsaber sounds and pretend
we are jedi knights
<them>: u on skype?
<me>: yoda walks in on us wearing only a towel
<me>: his tiny 6-pack glistens from sweat
<me>: he had just worked out, but he is always ready for a sausagefest
<them>: yea btw im circumcised
<me>: he pulls out his tiny green penis, looking to join
<me>: then the hulk smashes through the wall and smashes yoda with his
much more impressive green dick
<me>: then a ninja appears and assassinates the hulk
<them>: ok
<me>: the ninja removes his mask to reveal that he is actually from the
blue man group
<them>: god ur so bad at cyber
<them>: hah
<me>: he reveals his mighty blue penis
<me>: he immediately ejaculates all over your face
<me>: mom walks in
<me>: wat do
<them>: eat it
<me>: she walks out, disgusted
<me>: bill cosby offers us his personal jello pudding pop
<them>: u goina wank off wit me on skype or keep shitting on
<me>: we both lick his penis together while he recites lines from the
cosby show
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