Size Queen!
<CyberTy>: yes??
<XJuggalette_babe_69X>: hi.. have you ever cybered before cutie??
<CyberTy>: um no. I spend my time exchanging secret cracks for cool games like World of War Carft and Commando VII.
<XJuggalette_babe_69X>: Well silly you should cyber with me. We type out what we do to eachother sexually.. Wanna have some fun?
<CyberTy>: YEAH!!!!
<XJuggalette_babe_69X>: ok.. so what do you like??
<CyberTy>: I like RPG role playing games
<XJuggalette_babe_69X>: ok honey, I am a warrior princess, with long blonde hair wearing a skantily clad outfit. I have been cursed to be constantly horny. I am looking for someone to fullfill my cursed urges...
<CyberTy>: ... I am a Class A, Type III Mech Warrior with super charged turbo thrusters and a Stealth G3 Arm Cannon...... I have been cursed to be horny too.
<XJuggalette_babe_69X>: What??? Mech Warrior?? Like a robot??
<CyberTy>: yes.. A Robotnik. Class A, Type III
<XJuggalette_babe_69X>: .......umm what are your features???? 6FT 4 inches????? 225lbs of mean hulk machine???
<CyberTy>: HEIGHT: 317FT, 5 inches. WEIGHT: 35 tons, 212 lbs, 8 ounces.
<XJuggalette_babe_69X>: Cya!!
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