Tennis Balls!
<CyberTy>: wut do you want?
<Havasuhottiexxx>: hey, you in tha mood to cyber????
<CyberTy>: Oh yeah.. i sure am, sugar tits...
<Havasuhottiexxx>: great.. I am Jasmine, a buxum 19 year old waiting for someone to take my virginity, doggystyle..
<Havasuhottiexxx>: I need you to give it to me!!
<CyberTy>: Oh yeah baby, I'm feeling ya all the way.. I am Mangler, a muscular mid-sized rottweiler and great dane mix..
<Havasuhottiexxx>: huh?? Well ... this could be fun
<Havasuhottiexxx>: I take my clothes off and start rubbing my hot pussy. I start moaning as the thought of you licking my jucies make me hornier and hornier..
<CyberTy>: My nose is dry.
<Havasuhottiexxx>: Come on, don't play around.
<CyberTy>: I sniff around, wafting the faint smell of fish
<Havasuhottiexxx> Hey!!!
<CyberTy>: frisbees in the wind..
<CyberTy>: My doggie boner grows as I sniff my way closer to you..
<Havasuhottiexxx>: mmmm give me your tongue..
<CyberTy>: I stop to gnaw at my boner because it itches..
<Havasuhottiexxx>: huh??
<CyberTy>: It feels good...
<Havasuhottiexxx>: what are you doing????
<CyberTy>: I stop, leaving you in my afterthoughts. My mind no longer excited by you..
<CyberTy> :As I start licking my pink pole of power, the magical feeling intensifies..
<Havasuhottiexxx>: what the fuck??????
<CyberTy>: Tennis balls.
<CyberTy>: the feeling intensifies to its fullest as I explode my dog juice all over your toes....ugggghhhh I am done
<Havasuhottiexxx>: what???
<CyberTy>: wow hunny that was great
<Havasuhottiexxx> bye
<CyberTy>: hunny????
<CyberTy>: wut about afterglow?????
<CyberTy>: I take a drink from the toilet.
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2436 BCE