Stay in character!
Him: isnt that an awsome
Me: Thanks
Him: read what kind? write too?
Me: I don't understand your first question
Him: what kinda books you read?
Me: all kinds, mostly academic related these days
Him: study?
Him: am a banker, 39, australia, married
Me: haha
Him: haha?
Me: thanks for letting me know you're married. you just want me to let my guard down
Him: what does that mean now?
Me: girls online have to be careful about predators
Him: lol hmm sure.are you an adult?
Me: I am 25. I can't really comment on being an adult
Him: lol.i am fine.tell me more
Me: Like what? I am a student and I live in greater Atlanta
Him: hobbies?
Me: Chat
Me: music
Me: movies
Him: what kinda chat? roleplay?
Me: Yes
Me: Kinky roleplay
Him: letsdo a roleplay.
Me: Okay. Do you have a sub/dom preference?
Him: Some ideas.a sensible wife and her husband's friend,
a prodigal student and a teacher,a 53 year old banker
who is sweet on his son's wife, a new inter and the
CEO or a bride and the priest – Suits you? any one of
them?..something dark, illicit..but
subtle.mindgames..and erotica.which is worth all
the sin
Him: what say?
Me: those arent dark enough
Him: then you pick
Me: I want to have sex at a Dunkin Donuts
Him: i am fine,,,i want both of us to be previously taken too..
Him: what woukd be the chars?
Me: chars?
Him: characters.chara?
Me: you want us to be previously taken? so we're cheating?
Him: yes
Me: I want to be a 49 year old, pot-bellied computer programmer who sweats profusely and has a combover. I have an affinity for raspberry jelly donuts and never notice the powdered sugar residue on my face until my buxom, 28 year old wife from Honduras kisses it off when I get home, poking my belly and winking, slyly reminding me I am not getting any thinner, but still giving me plenty of pussy every night since I got her a green card. But I want to fuck you, the morbidly obese, clerk behind the counter I see every day at 5:10 PM. You have dark red hair and you remind me of a raspberry jelly donut. I want to eat you, on your period. Okay, go
Him: (you playing a male?0
Me: Yes, this is roleplay
Me: why would I want to be a woman during roleplay?
Me: I am already a woman every day of my life
Him: me a woman?
Me: Aren't you curious?
Me: Have you never thought about what it would be like to be fucked by a man?
Him: nopes
Me: Well, it's roleplay
Him: i would rather be a woman and do a lesbian kink
Me: Look, I am just going to eat your bloody pussy not shove my coke can sized cock into your quivering asshole
Him: ok..gimme a minute
Him: she looked up and moved the red hair away from her eyes..” shitty day” she told she looked up at the queue of those godforsaken useless men around her,,,,” life was dull here” she told he returned the change to that stinky bugger with oily head,..and looked at the next.
Him: (ok to start?)
Me: Im thinking
Me: I'll be right back
Him: ok
Him: (waits)
Me: sorry
Me: my friend needed help with interview questions
Him: (ok..we play?)
Me: sure
Him: if you are fine with that post.will pick up
Me: you're making her really emo
Me: and why is it past tense? “Life was dull here”?
Me: You're going to need to keep your verb tenses in order while we roleplay
Me: I just can't deal with the distractions
Him: ok sure..
Me: there are three dots in an ellipsis
Him: will take care in the next post
Me: Thank you
Him: (waits for your post)
Me: I think we need to work on your character's personality
Me: she's not coming off as a believable raspberry jelly donut
Me: this is going to be written from the pot-bellied man's perspective
Me: let's spend some time getting you into character
Him: ok
Me: what do you think it is like to be a raspberry jelly donut
Me: inside a Dunkin Donuts?
Me: ogled by greasy, overweight men?
Me: Salivating for the taste of tart, seedy raspberry filling
Him: hmm not good., cheesy
Me: and sweet confectioner's sugar
Me: you think it feels cheesy?
Me: No, it's sweet, thick, gelatinous
Me: I don't think you're taking this seriously
Him: i am trying to
Me: There is no cheese on the donut shelf, okay? Not unless it's sweet cream cheese. But you're a raspberry jelly donut
Him: was imagining guys oogling, it didnt feel good
Me: okay, let's stay here. Focus here.
Him: ok
Him: i am wearing a pink floral dress
Me: You don't feel good being ogled by men who lust for your jelly filling?
Me: No, your dress needs to be white.
Him: open at neck,,,showing a lot of cleavage
Him: ok white
Him: i would like handsome men to eye me
Me: Handsome men don't eye morbidly obese girls who look like jelly doughnuts
Him: i know
Me: Listen, this is roleplay, but it's not science fiction
Him: but still, thats a desire, ok lets go ahead
Me: You have only had sex once when your drunk friend mistook your fleshy folds for his hot water bottle.
Him: lol,ok, you will post?
Me: We're not done developing your character
Him: waits ok
Me: You are yearning to be taken again
Him: yes thats for sure
Me: passionately
Him: (is that your pic?)
Me: where
Him: (in the chat window)
Me: Yes
Him: (god , you are awsome, fucking pretty)
Me: Don't get out of character. Focus
Him: (ok)
Me: Okay, do you think you understand your character?
Him: I think , a bit , yes. Will get into her as the play evolves
Me: You need to start over again
Me: or I can start this time
Me: we're scrapping your previous bit
Him: ok. Can you please start
Me: sure
Him: ok. waits.
Last message received on 12/2/2009 at 12:10 AM
Me: It was another grueling day at the office staving off impending carpal tunnel syndome at the hands of my beloved keyboard, Betsy. The only thing I looked forward to was my daily raspberry jelly doughnut after work before I get home to Guadalupe, my devastatigly gorgeous Honduran wife. If only she did more than get my dick half-hard. But that is what my sacred ritual of raspberry doughnut feasting is for. My most turgid erections come to me at 5:10PM when I enter the Dunkin Donuts on my way home from work. Today I enter and there is a short queue comprised of 2 elderly men, a teenage girl, and a gay couple in their 30's. There is a new girl behind the counter I do not recognize, but I sense trouble. My bulge is beginning to twitch from within my trousers. This girl.she is.divine.
Me: I just put 6 minutes into that piece of work and you SIGN OFF? Don't expect to roleplay with me in the future!
Me: Apparently you just are not up to par with my level of roleplay writing! And I am not even a professional. What is this! You're DONE IN THIS BUSINESS. DONE!
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