Chain Saw
<nubbicakes> (12:47:56 AM): hey baby
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:48:58 AM): hey a/s
<nubbicakes> (12:49:15 AM): 20/f
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:49:24 AM): wuts up
<nubbicakes> (12:49:41 AM): nothin much wan2 cybr?
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:49:51 AM): sure
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:49:54 AM): wut u look like
<nubbicakes> (12:50:40 AM): i have long blonde hair and size c boobz and i got slight abs and long sexii legs
<nubbicakes> (12:50:44 AM): u start
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:51:24 AM): bout ur booty
<nubbicakes> (12:52:13 AM): nice n big
<nubbicakes> (12:52:20 AM): but not 2 big
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:52:38 AM): mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:52:46 AM): wut u got on
<nubbicakes> (12:53:19 AM): im wearin a jacket and sum jeans undernath my jacket im only wearin a black lacy bra
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:53:30 AM): that it
<nubbicakes> (12:53:49 AM): and a thong
<nubbicakes> (12:54:02 AM): sry 4got dat lol
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:54:18 AM): lol
<nubbicakes> (12:54:27 AM): anyway u start
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:54:58 AM): ok i throw u on ur bed n i start to tak off ur clithes
<nubbicakes> (12:56:07 AM): while u take off my bra u slowly lick around my nipples and i grab ur dick and stroke it slowly
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:56:58 AM): mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i take off ur jeans n n thong sit on my face n suck on my cock
<nubbicakes> (12:57:52 AM): i thrust my pussy on ur face and u lick it vigorously and i moan in pleasure while lickin ur cock
<nubbicakes> (12:58:23 AM): i put it all in my mouth and move up and down slowly then progressively fastr
<dxsnoopdogg69> (12:58:27 AM): mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm damn i slap ur ass while i suck on ur clit
<nubbicakes> (12:58:49 AM): i moan suggestively while i grab a chainsaw from under the bed and rev it up
<nubbicakes> (12:58:59 AM): you stop suckin me and say "What the hell is that?"
<nubbicakes> (12:59:04 AM): and I'm like "a chainsaw"
<nubbicakes> (12:59:14 AM): and you're like "What do you have that for?"
<nubbicakes> (12:59:17 AM): and I'm like "You'll see"
<nubbicakes> (12:59:31 AM): so after I rev it up I leave it running and then I turn on the CD with various farm animal noises on it
<nubbicakes> (12:59:52 AM): And when a cow moos for th 7th time I pick up the chainsaw and cut off the side of the bedpost
<nubbicakes> (1:00:23 AM): then I rock my hips back and forth, all the while screaming in passion
<nubbicakes> (1:00:41 AM): then I bite down on your dick and you yell
<nubbicakes> (1:00:48 AM): so I get the chainsaw and cut your dick off
<nubbicakes> (1:01:05 AM): And then I put it in my mouth and lick up the blood that's spurting out of it
<nubbicakes> (1:01:20 AM): Then I pull a fork out and stab you in the balls with it
<nubbicakes> (1:01:25 AM): your turn
<dxsnoopdogg69> signed off at 1:02:01 AM.
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By: Anonymous
Posted: June 22nd, 2015 01:22 +0000
Trying too hard.
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