Be More Careful
<male91> i am just in boxers
<hotchix892> you like me topless?
<male91> ye
<hotchix892> what color are your boxers?
<male91> black with red dragon
<hotchix892> oh baby
<hotchix892> maybe i should take off my pants too....
<hotchix892> do u think?
<male91> ye
<male91> it makes my c00ck bigger... an* * *now that u want that
<hotchix892> YES
<hotchix892> :-D
<male91> are u online?
<hotchix892> no, it keeps saying connection refused
<hotchix892> besides, its hard to sign online when i have my hands in my panties lol
<male91> so push it harder
<hotchix892> my other hand is rubbing my chest real hard
<male91> are your p00sy on?
<hotchix892> my boobs are not that big but my bf says they are the best ever
<male91> so try to get online and show me them i am h00rny!!!!
<hotchix892> u dont like the mystery baby?
<hotchix892> i like the dark
<hotchix892> i like being blindfolded
<hotchix892> i like being tied up
<hotchix892> do u like?
<male91> and i want to see u doll
<hotchix892> how much do u want to see lol
<male91> a lot of to make my c00ck bigger
<hotchix892> how big is it now baby
<hotchix892> are u rubbing it for me?
<male91> ye but not a lot
<male91> i am waiting from u to get online
<hotchix892> can i? lol
<hotchix892> it says i am online but it is not showing me my friends
<hotchix892> and sometimes it disconnects me and then reconncets me
<male91> dame it
<hotchix892> if u were here right now i would tell u to force it down my throat lol
<hotchix892> would u do that for me baby?
<male91> if i was near u i was faqing u all the night
<hotchix892> oh YES!
<hotchix892> would u turn me over and fuq me in the a s s?
<male91> ye
<hotchix892> really?
<male91> common get on and i show u
<male91> bye see ya there
<hotchix892> oh baby
<hotchix892> wait!
<hotchix892> do u want to see my a s s?
<hotchix892> i have a pic online lol
<male91> ye but u dont want to show me it
<hotchix892> yes i do lol
<male91> send me yourself naked to my email and ill send u back me faqing a girl
<hotchix892> tell me how hard u want to fuq my a s s and i will show u lol
<male91> grushaa(at)
<hotchix892> tell me while i email lo
<hotchix892> l
<male91> if i was faqing u the faqing temp between one and ten was 10
<hotchix892> more!
<male91> did u sent me?
<hotchix892> would u reach around with your hands and grab me while u were fuqing my a s s?
<hotchix892> yes it is sendign it says
<male91> i was grabbing your b00bs
<hotchix892> oh yes baby!
<hotchix892> put one hand on my boobs and one hand on my crotch!
<male91> with pleasure doll
<hotchix892> yes baby yes!
<hotchix892> oh i am sooo hard right now, stroke that **** baby!
<hotchix892> my * * * * loves this play
<hotchix892> give it to me harder in my a s s while rubbing my dick
<hotchix892> ohh make me * * * baby, next ill put my **** in ur mouth and a s s if u like!
<hotchix892> did u get my pic yet?
<hotchix892> i want u to see my butt and di c k, my bf likes them
<male91> send me more!!! u are so tasty
<hotchix892> u like?
<male91> ye.. my diq getting on
<hotchix892> oh yes!
<hotchix892> can i command u now?
<male91> ye
<hotchix892> oh baby
<hotchix892> i would take u into the shower
<male91> just keep sending me and ill make what ever u want
<hotchix892> and after we both get wet
<male91> and ill would lick your wet body
<hotchix892> i would make u sit on ur knees
<hotchix892> so u can suck my huge c0 ck
<male91> ?
<male91> u have diq?
<hotchix892> i love getting bjs
<hotchix892> and then id * * * all over your face and make u fuq me in the a s s again
<male91> u have c00ck?
<hotchix892> and make u reach around and grab my c0 ck some more
<hotchix892> Just so you know
<hotchix892> its generally not a good idea to have cyber *** with people you dont know
<hotchix892> and especially not a good idea to give out all your emails
<hotchix892> because Im posting this all over the internet.
<male91> ok
<male91> good luck
<hotchix892> Want the link? Ill email it to you.
[info]: male91 left the game
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