I want to play a game.
Stranger: Fuck democracy
Stranger: fuck america
You: Seriously!
You: Fuck all that shit.
Stranger: y
Stranger: Fuck u 2
You: When? and Where?
Stranger: my place
Stranger: 8 am
Stranger: Bring ur cat
You: I don't have a cat. I just have a dog named your mom
Stranger: Bring your mom then
You: Okay.
You: ;)
You: What's your name?
Stranger: *Sharpens Razor*
You: I'm megan :)
Stranger: Stewart
You: Oh ;) Wanna cyber, Stewart? ;)
Stranger: You want me to cyber as stewart or stephanie
Stranger: I like to crossdress
Stranger: And my female personality is named stephanie
You: Whichever you want too. I just now that i am really horny right now, and need a dick in my wet pussy
Stranger: A blonde Czecho slovakian girl
Stranger: I sliced my dick off long ago
Stranger: Hunting accident
Stranger: The wolves beat u to it
You: Damn.
Stranger: and me /wink wink
You: Well, then I'll have to use MINE. *Whips out my penis, and helicopter slaps you in the face with it*
Stranger: tasted like an extra dry slim jim
Stranger: *ferociously fisting my self*
You: That's hot. *Takes a shit on your forehead, and wipes it into your mouth with my cock, and then slices your eyballs in half, while gutting you and hanging myself with your large intestine*
Stranger: Now that is just disturbing
You: Do I win the internet? xD
Stranger: U win my shit in ur dog's mouth
You: Great! Can I skin you alive, and cover myself with your warm, bleeding flesh, while I dig into your throat, grabbing all the veins and arteries I can find, and use them to string an acoustic guitar?
Stranger: Would they hold?
Stranger: I think they'd tear with the tension
Stranger: MY veins are so very fragile
Stranger: Like my heart
Stranger: And anus
You: Yeah, personal experience says that you can't play it more than once though.
Stranger: I had plenty of veins
You: Yeah....I'm actually a convicted serial killer.
Stranger: on my dick
Stranger: Oh my dick...
Stranger: convicted?
Stranger: Were u trialed by 12 honest men?
You: Hah! Honest...
Stranger: ...
Stranger: Don't do that
Stranger: yes
Stranger: Honest
Stranger: Fuckin
Stranger: ...
Stranger: imbecile
You: No, those guys were not honest. But I am coming for you.
You: I have your IP address.
Stranger: No u aint
You: I have your street number and name.
Stranger: no u dont
You: And i'm going to find you.
Stranger: no!
You: And I will kill you.
You: And I will wear your flesh as my own
Stranger: Will u take care of my dog?
Stranger: He's my only friend in the whole wide world
You: I will skin your dog
Stranger: My dog will rape you
Stranger: I taught him
Stranger: Starting with squirrels
You: Not before I rape you and him at the same time.
Stranger: then cats
Stranger: and finally humans
Stranger: He's my dick by proxy
You: No but seriously, my name is Alex Todd, and I am a convicted, escaped serial killer. I'm coming for you Stewart.
Stranger: That glorious 9 inches of red veiny doggy dick
Stranger: Will be so deep inside u
You: You have 24 hours to live.
You: I suggest you use them wisely
You: Because I want to play a game, Stewart
You: And the more you play, the longer you live.
Stranger: i'll probably eat pizza and masturbate
Stranger: okay
Stranger: I wana play
Stranger: can i play?
You: Yes.
You: You can.
You: First off. You are the third participant in this game. The other 2 are here with me.
Stranger: are u a participant or just a moderator?
You: Now, I am going to ask you questions about them, and if you are correct, you gain an hour to live. If you guess incorrectly, you lose an hour, and I will torture one of them.
Stranger: mmm
Stranger: Torture
You: Do you understand the rules as they have been read to you?
Stranger: I do
You: What color hair does the girl on the left have?
Stranger: I've got a phantom erection
Stranger: My left or yours?
You: Your left.
Stranger: but isn't that the same as your leftt?
You: 1 minute to answer.
Stranger: okay
Stranger: dohh jesus
Stranger: i'm gonna go with blonde??
Stranger: No wait
Stranger: !!
Stranger: WAIT
Stranger: SOrry
Stranger: I meant to say
You: Times up.
Stranger: What is blonde for 100$ Alex
You: Final answer.
You: You are correct. You have gained 1 hour.
Stranger: 25 hrs
Stranger: wohoo
You: Now then, second question. What does the man on your right do for a living?
Stranger: :>
Stranger: but but...
Stranger: I am alone
Stranger: That means...
You: One minute.
Stranger: He haunts people for a living
Stranger: Proffessional ghost if you will
You: Incorrect. You lose 1 hour, and this man will now feel a hot iron to his trachea
You: One moment.
Stranger: Shove it up his faggot ass
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