What the Bathroom Fuck?
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like sex.
Stranger: Hey, want to roleplay?
You: Sure.
Stranger: I accidently bump into you at the mall, my hand accidently touching your crotch.
You: "Ack..." I say.
Stranger: I push you into the womans bathroom, positioning you on the sink.
You: "W-What the hell?" I say.
Stranger: I unhook my bra, revealing my tits. C:
You: "Stop!" I protest.
Stranger: I unzip your pants, putting my breasts on your cock.
You: "Ah...fuck..."
Stranger: "Are you enjoying this?" I say, waiting for you to cum.
You: "Yes...very...but...what's your name...?"
Stranger: "My name's Takashima."
You: "Huh...cool..." I groan, my cock throbbing.
Stranger: "Come on...cum..." I encourage you, waiting patiently.
You: I cum, sperm getting all on your face and breasts.
Stranger: "Ah...finally..." she said.
Stranger: I get up onto your lap, stuffing your huge stiff cock into my pussy.
Stranger: "Ahh!" I exclaim in pleasure.
You: I groan in pleasure.
Stranger: "Cum...cum again..." I groan, panting in pleasure.
You: I came, and instead of cum, there was donkey shit. Donkey shit everywhere.
Stranger: What the fuck?
Stranger has left the chat.
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By: Anonymoushorny
Posted: August 7th, 2016 08:41 +0000
I wanna role play
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