avada kadarva
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like mistress.
Stranger: m18 obedient slave looking for a mistress to dominate me I'm home alone ;)
You: You have found her :)
Stranger: yahhhh
You: where do we start?
Stranger: anywhere mistress
You: You are blindfolded and do not know where you are
You: You are naked lying, handcuffed on the cold floor
You: You hear my footsteps
You: "what do we have here" i say
You: You here me pull out something from my robes
You: You die instantly
You: Dumbledore congratulates me for killing you
You: I join the death eaters and kill dumbledore
You: But it was on his orders so its ok
Stranger has disconnected.
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By: Anonymous
Posted: November 11th, 2016 19:13 +0000
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