Well that escalated quickly
Stranger: hows your day :o
You: alright so far
You: so..u want to start?
Stranger: i do indeed :)
You: :)
Stranger: i see you at the bus stop on morning as im coming back from my job, i give you quick glance and smile
You: I smile back and wave
Stranger: i see you smile back and i ask what a beautiful girl like you is going out so early
You: to work I reply as I slyly touch your crotch
Stranger: i smile at you with a reply really now as i take my hand and slowly rub your pussy
You: i pull out my chainsaw
You: I slice your head off
You: i add it to my collection, laughing manically
Stranger: well that escalated quickly
You: the bus driver congratulates me but eisenhover takes credit for my accomplishments
You: I go into self imposed exile never to return again
You: Optimus prime calls me out of my self imposed exile to battle alongside the autobots against the evil shredder
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2436 BCE