Gay penguin
[19:37:00] Letty: hey
[19:37:02] Colby: Hey there!
[19:37:14] Letty: r u a guy?
[19:37:19] Colby: yes
[19:37:27] Letty: gay?
[19:37:29] Colby: sure
[19:37:31] Letty: me2
[19:37:35] Letty: im 23
[19:37:38] Letty: ur age?
[19:37:45] Colby: 22
[19:37:54] Letty: where r u from?
[19:38:03] Colby: Belgium
[19:38:10] Letty: im in china
[19:38:17] Colby: a gay chinese
[19:38:21] Colby: does it get any funier
[19:38:26] Colby: ching chang shlong?
[19:38:44] Letty: ???????
[19:38:51] Letty: didt get what u mean
[19:39:18] Letty: can gay ppl get marriage in Belgium?
[19:39:32] Colby: only if you're a penguin
[19:39:54] Letty: what does penguin mean?
[19:40:05] Colby: but then you'd have to watch out for lions, lions fucking hate gay penguins
[19:40:31] Letty: do u have a bf?
[19:40:42] Letty: r u in college?
[19:40:52] Colby: jup, a zebra, where hapily married for over 3 years
[19:41:12] Letty: wow
[19:41:14] Letty: cool
[19:41:19] Colby: but you have to watch out for the hooves, never slap her ass when you're behind her
[19:41:38] Colby: but it has some benefits as well
[19:41:49] Colby: i for one, don't need a car
[19:42:00] Colby: only have to buy hay
[19:42:14] Letty: what does the animals' names mean?
[19:42:22] Letty: sorry i cant understand
[19:42:29] Colby: it's nothing
[19:42:48] Colby: wait, there's a giraf in front of the door
[19:43:08] Colby: i fckin hate girafs
[19:43:19] Colby: but enough about me
[19:43:44] Colby: did i mention i hate girafs?
[19:43:54] Letty: what is girafs?
[19:44:08] Colby: the animal with a tall neck
[19:44:15] Colby: they fckin annoy me
[19:44:26] Colby: always chewing on the leaves of my trees
[19:44:31] Letty: r u in college
[19:44:37] Letty: or do u work?
[19:45:04] Colby: jup, but the teacher is a rhinoceros so you have to watch out
[19:45:10] Letty disconnected
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