She couldn't handle Yuri
[17:37:10] Isobel: hi
[17:37:15] Sharonda: how r u?
[17:37:17] Isobel: asl?
[17:37:24] Sharonda: 57 shemale from uganda
[17:37:26] Sharonda: and you?
[17:37:59] Sharonda: hello
[17:38:05] Isobel: 57 shemale from uganda?
[17:38:07] Isobel: no way
[17:38:10] Sharonda: haha
[17:38:11] Sharonda: its me
[17:38:15] Sharonda: serious
[17:38:19] Sharonda: no-one believe
[17:38:51] Sharonda: hmm
[17:38:53] Sharonda: but
[17:38:55] Sharonda: how r u?
[17:39:08] Isobel: i'm doin great
[17:39:23] Sharonda: good
[17:39:23] Isobel: right now i'm having a 87y old midget from pakistan next to me
[17:39:40] Sharonda: thats cool
[17:39:42] Sharonda: diferent
[17:39:43] Sharonda: haha
[17:40:11] Sharonda: what do you do?
[17:40:32] Isobel: i import midgets to the us through the port of antwerpen
[17:40:37] Isobel: it's harsh
[17:40:40] Isobel: but hey
[17:40:44] Isobel: i get paid
[17:40:52] Sharonda: nice
[17:40:54] Sharonda: good job
[17:40:57] Sharonda: does it pay well?
[17:41:04] Sharonda: is it wotrh?
[17:41:27] Isobel: well
[17:41:33] Isobel: it's rewarding
[17:41:38] Sharonda: =)
[17:41:40] Sharonda: nice to hear
[17:41:54] Isobel: when you see those cute litll faces , being shiped in a box to some pimp in NY
[17:42:03] Isobel: and you make those last breathing holes
[17:42:24] Isobel: i always give them a little kiss on their forehead and wish them a healthy yourney
[17:42:47] Sharonda: ok.. omg
[17:42:51] Sharonda: now that is way to weir
[17:42:54] Sharonda: too*
[17:43:03] Isobel: but obviously, sitting in a box between the coles for like 3 months isn't that healthy..
[17:43:11] Isobel: oke
[17:43:14] Isobel: enough about me
[17:43:26] Isobel: how does a 57 y old shemale make her living in uganda?
[17:43:29] Isobel: you know..
[17:43:39] Isobel: i could send you to the us, for a real good price..
[17:43:53] Sharonda: really? that would be nice
[17:43:57] Sharonda: well, I work
[17:44:00] Sharonda: you know
[17:44:18] Sharonda: I am a designer
[17:44:50] Sharonda: btw, you neve said, your asl?
[17:44:55] Isobel: how would you feel like working as a prostitute, i'm sure there's a market out there for you?
[17:45:24] Sharonda: ohh thats something I wouldnt do
[17:45:36] Sharonda: besides, I am too old to be a hooker
[17:45:44] Isobel: nonsense
[17:45:50] Isobel: you're never to old to be a hooker
[17:46:08] Sharonda: well, I think I am
[17:46:13] Isobel: tell me, where you first a man and now a shemale, or first a woman and now a shemale
[17:46:15] Sharonda: and I wouldnt like it anyway
[17:46:22] Isobel: cuse my clients like the details
[17:46:38] Sharonda: first a man
[17:46:45] Sharonda: ahahahha
[17:47:03] Isobel: i got a shipment in south africa next week, you could take it
[17:47:09] Sharonda: ok
[17:47:11] Isobel: i'll make sure you get the top box;)
[17:47:13] Sharonda: whats your asl?
[17:47:19] Isobel: with lot's of breathing holes
[17:47:25] Sharonda: thank you so much
[17:47:54] Isobel: i'm yuri, an old sovjet union fighter, living in belguim now
[17:48:04] Sharonda: cool
[17:48:13] Sharonda: how old are you yuri?
[17:48:27] Isobel: 47, but my wives say i look 20
[17:48:42] Sharonda: wives?
[17:48:53] Sharonda: how many do you have?
[17:48:59] Sharonda: is that even allowed in belgium?
[17:49:15] Isobel: well sure, there's miranda, shanuiqia, betty, sarallyn, and olga
[17:49:33] Isobel: well, i kinda broke up with olga, or ditched her like a like to say
[17:49:45] Sharonda: and you can handle all those women? hahahahhaa
[17:50:24] Isobel: sometimes, it's a mess, but then brovnic calls them down with the stick
[17:50:36] Isobel: calms*
[17:50:46] Sharonda: brovnic?
[17:50:53] Isobel: my, how shall i say
[17:51:02] Sharonda: omg
[17:51:03] Sharonda: hahahaha
[17:51:06] Isobel: protecting friend
[17:51:19] Sharonda: you're not serious about all that are you?
[17:51:44] Isobel: how do you mean, abot the shipment? you can look it up, i'll pay you the trip
[17:51:52] Isobel: and you pay me back when you get here?
[17:51:58] Sharonda: hahahaha
[17:51:59] Sharonda: come on
[17:52:03] Sharonda: say the truth
[17:52:10] Sharonda: I'm laura, 22 female from italy
[17:52:24] Isobel: i spith on 12 midgets to swear this is the truth
[17:52:41] Sharonda: god
------- I broke character but she gave me her fb and actually was a hot 22 female italian girl, score!
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