A peckering love
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hey
Stranger: hi any 1 frm india
You: horny penguin looking for another bird to pecker with..
You: no i'm from south pole
You: you?
Stranger: ok
Stranger: frm india
You: oke, so are you a bird?
Stranger: willu give me ur profile id
Stranger: ??
Stranger: that mean fb account
Stranger: m/f
You: "as i flapper with my wings i try to fly.. sigh, i'll never be able to fly"
Stranger: nice,,,,,,,,
You: the sun shines in my dreary eyes, as i pecker to myself : kwak kwak kwaak
You: penguins don't have facebook, you silly
Stranger: r u a poet
You: kind of, but i mostly hunt for fish
Stranger: hmmmmmmm
Stranger: wats ur name
You: before we get attached to each other, you aren't a killer whale are you..?
Stranger: nooooooooo
You: i'm nestor
You: and you?
Stranger: sumit
You: so, sumit, you've noticed my fur is all shiny.. does that turn you on ?
Stranger: i want 2 frnd with u
You: you'll have to find a rock first, penguins commit their love for each other with a nice rock
Stranger: hahahaaa
You: kwak
Stranger: u give me chance pls
You: sure, if you don't abandon our eggs after 2 days
Stranger: h've u any mail id
Stranger: belive me
You: cause i know you type of penguins, good looking but once i carry eggs, you turn violant and drunk
You: penguins don't have email you silly =)
Stranger: no every penguins r not same
You: "flapper flapper.. the wind carresses my shiny fur""
Stranger: bt i want 2 frnd with u any how?
You: i know, but why would penguins need email for, we hunt for fish and look after our youngs
You: yes
You: find me a nice shiny rock
You: but hurry, cause i'm popular , and there are alot of peckers wantin to hump me
Stranger: o' poet
Stranger: once we r frnd then i listen ur all poem
You: "thanks" i wisper gently in your ears..
You: "kwak kwaak"
You: holy shit!!
You: a killer whale
You: fuck, pebbles, get out of here
You: goo!!
Stranger: u speak as ur wish
You: no time to argue, leave me
You: we'll meat again
You: come to the icy fields in 2 days
Stranger: atleast giv ur name?
You: i'l be waiting by the sunken ship
You: nestor pekkels
You: thats miss nestor for you
Stranger: u h'v nt fbaccount pls
You: as the killer whale rips you in two, i can't help but wonder would he have brought me a nice rock..
Stranger: o' poet i am ur fan
You: i look at you're painfull grim as you flapper your wings on last time
You: "kwaak kwak"
Stranger: as per ur wish
You: you can't talk, you're dead
You: bye
Stranger: bye poet
You: i'll always remember how you caught that one fish for me
Stranger: h'v a bright future
You: "as i flapper away in to the sun, i once more realize i can't fly" i take out my beretta and shoot a hole in my brains
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2436 BCE